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Hey guys, I've joined recently to ask why my mods are turning out like this:


It's really bugging me and I've searched around on how to remove that and have had no luck. So please... try and help me :)



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Possible reasons why textures do not work in GTA games:

- TXD was saved incorrectly for the wrong game. Textures are compressed for Vice City, 24BPP; uncompressed 32bit for San Andreas; uncompressed 8BPP for III. (In MOST cases, not all.)

- Textures are the wrong dimensions or proportions. For example: in game characters for VC and SA have to have a width of 128px and a height of 256px or a similar proportion (such as 256 x 512 perhaps). Cut scene characters usually have a dimension of 256px X 256px. Vehicles may have similar requirements.

- Textures are named incorrectly in the TXD file. The model (name.DFF) will look for a texture with a specific name. If it is not spelled correctly in the TXD the game can not load it.

These are usually good places to start troubleshooting.

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