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One more request if you care then read this

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Hey guys

I've been away from this website and away from my modelling programs and files cuz i didnt get any response and i feel failed so i found a game call perfect world and i made a guild there and i want a icon but thats where i suck

i need and 16x16 icon which is a eagle facing right with back background'

if you want to help me but if not ill try to figure it out myself

oh yeah by the way if you actually liked my first mods please tell me cuz then ill run back to my laptop and begin to make some more mods gladly :


Retired modder

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Give it some time, most people probably don't bother with modding old GTA's anymore. I personally still play all of them but that's just nostalgia kicking in, usually after finishing them 100% I'm done, so there's no reason for installing mods..

Try IV modding? It can be a lot more complicated at times but when you get the hang of it you'll notice it's pretty much the same thing as the old GTA's.

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