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3 GTA's same problem =/


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I've been needing a small bit of help with this for a while now, and I've searched high and low for an answer but still can't find one.

Everytime I mod GTA IV it freezes at some point, BUT WAIT!!!

!!Before you simply exit this thread read the next part!!

Yes, I know that most people will simply say "It's a broken mod!" or "You didn't install it correctly!"

Well today I broke out IV, and followed a video on how a certain car was installed [i downloaded the car in question too]

The video showed the player playing for about 20 mins before the video ended.

However, even after following the instructions 100% my game froze after about 5 mins, even though the modded car wasn't even around!!

So is there actually a way to mod more than half the cars without the game freezing? If so please tell me how, because every GTA I mod [VC, SA, IV] they always freeze at some point =/

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Well since both GTA IV and the old GTA's freeze, they must have something in common... more specifically the way you purchased them. Steam versions maybe? If yes the old GTA's need to be downgraded, as for GTA IV I don't know.

Anyway common knowledge before modding any game:

-Check to see if the game's files aren't marked as ''read only''

-If possible, add 'em to DEP exceptions, modded games use more memory

-Like I said earlier, see if the game needs downgrading

FYI: Replacing half the cars in the game isn't a good idea, even if you do get the game to work it will work like s*it.

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Firstly - you should get a trainer or something that allows you to spawn vehicles. That way, as soon as you install 1 vehicle, you can test it straight away (without having to search for it). Always test after EACH mod install. Never install 50 mods then try to play, because if it breaks you have no idea which mod caused it.

Is there anything unusual about your setup? Are you using an old operating system? Are you using Windows-on-a-mac or anything like that? Have you installed GTA to a different drive?

How have you acquired GTA? Is it from a store-bought DVD? Is it from Steam? Is it just downloaded/torrented?

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