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This mod aims to re-create the world of GTA LCS over GTA 3 Engine and provide qualitative game play as well as all the Original LCS features as real as possible. Providing improved graphics to GTAIII with Motorbikes, Choppers, Changeable Player Skins and improved game engine.

Features of this mod-

LCS Maps fully like 1998 style

LCS style Cars

LCS customizable Player models and skins

LCS Safe houses with Interiors

LCS radar

All Missions from LCS including the side ones

LCS Weapons

LCS Heads Up Display(HUD)

LCS Sounds

LCS Textures

Enb reflection

LCS style Fonts

LCS Style Texts

LCS Weather and Time cycle

More to come soon....


Jimmy-Leader,(Project leader & Founder) Scripter,Converter,Vehicles & Modeler-India


Asif_ridwan- (Current Co-leader),Texture artist, converter, modeller-Bangladesh


Ashwani Saharawat- (Leading Scripter) and othermission related work-India


Frank Sears- (Mission,script helper) And converter-England


CREDITS, Permissions and Contributions

DAGERON- Permission to use models from LCS PC EDITION BETA3.0






Edited by Jimmy-Thoganda

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Converting it to pc which is a hard task.

Well good job but IDK if you'll be able to bring even half of LCS to PC...

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I'M sure, I will. These are some updates from GTA 3 version. Real work is going in VC Version.

Best of luck then O.o Looking forward to this.

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