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Spaz The Great

Steve Jobs Died

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Pancreatic cancer, since 2004. At first he refused treatment and said he would try "alternative medicines" and "change his diet" because that would apparently cure it. Idiotic move really. Of course we'll never know if traditional treatment would have cured him (he did get this eventually but probably too late by then), but still, I think it was stupid to refuse that. Quite remarkable he was fine for 6+ years before it started to take its toll.

I commented at length elsewhere, I came here because I was not given respect due, but one cannot argue, Steve Jobs' influence is profound, he was a seer of vision, a man who did not build the products of the future, but he certainly saw what the public didn't even know they wanted. Even though my sphere of influence was APPLE II in the schools, that came as early as 1978 for me, or 1979. I'm 45 this year, Jobs was 56, though born in 1955

Read Jim Carlton's book APPLE about their business side, then supplement what that book has with YouTube and articles online. I was a reader [Nibble and A+ Magazines, as well as Incider and other mags of the 1980s] and user of Apple till about 1989, the Apple II was pushed aside, as was Steve Wozniak, but the Macintosh did not save Apple, as the 1997 book Apple details, but sharing their innovations with PC users and then moving to other products saved Apple, and refusing a SUN Microsystems buy out offer. Recently Sun former owners tell the tale (online sources) and they say Apple would have been bought, but turned into what, God only knows!

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