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  1. I'm sure they will make it more fulfilling and dynamic than the previous version of San Andres.
  2. The trailer was only disappointing to some I believe because of the word 'trailer'. People are used to a trailer being the all-revealing imagery leading up to the final product. However, Rockstar Games seems to be using multimedia to it's fullest dynamic by giving little pieces. Since these days the internet allows game developers both indie and major to avoid expensive television advertisement much more than they were able to in the past. This tactic more room for merchandising and other content.
  3. How'd you make the 8Bit avatar? Is it difficult or is there an effect for it? I always wanted to learn.
  4. I have Windows 7 64Bit and have no idea what the service pack number is. It hasn't gotten a virus! YAY!
  5. I am nothing, but straight. However, if you are a gay or bi - I don't think anyone should care. Kimbo got knocked out by a homosexual. Is this a bad thing ? wut lol?
  6. Fanboys = those who use more emotion than fact when defending a brand. I can't wait till I get me one to defend me! :-p
  7. Great! I get a nice sleek looking E-mail for early Christmas. Who could beat that? :-D
  8. Neat post, I love to learn to post like this. Very well formatted, off topic, but I do HTML so ... formatting is a big deal. Anyway, how is everyone? I hope happy! :-D
  9. .jar is just the .exe for an application designed with Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Now, if you can't change the screen resolution as you would with a conventional application then they .jar application was probably coded with a 'static' screen resolution or might have to be changed via options. I hope it helped and saved you from stress.
  10. I've never been ban at all. I'm a good boy! However, some forums have these egotistical moderators that just ban people to flex power.
  11. I haven't played ChinaTown Wars, however I would think it was better than GTA1 to GTA2 because ChinaTown Wars came out years after GTA 1 & 2. This distant time frame would theoretical allow the developers to add better sound, better graphics, have more ideas with state-of-the-art technology. Not to sound like an E3 journalist just saying, lol
  12. Cool, no programming language required!
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