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PC Builders and Hot Roddin Rigs

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I get a kick outta Retrofitting and on top of that, my PC building became something of a habit I find hard to break, and aspects driven by cost as well, getting just the HIGH END components I need and retrofitting, or after collecting software as I did even in the days of APPLE II, I put upgrades on machines that others thought to put out to pasture.

The idea in this thread is show off some project PCs you've built, ideas you can give, and tips as well. What legacy components you still feel reserve a spot on a custom rig, or how to improve an OEM store bought PC, for example.

One of mine is based off my first PC, and my third PC, which I still own. Looking even on YouTube, not much found documenting them, so I decided to highlight various things on the Web. Show how you wire your PC, or a liquid Cooling and fan setup could be right for this topic

Compaq Presario SR1220NX and eMachine's eTower 700 were my first and subsequently updated, the extent of PCI slots for example, and single core, old slots for Pentium 3 and 4

Emachine Retro fans take heart, for one example of PC nirvana!


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