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Liberty City Mafia


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What is the Mafia?

We are a new group starting January 2012. Our main goal is to own Liberty City.

Are you recruiting? If so what are you requiring?

Yes, we are! there are almost no requirements. All you need is:

GTA IV the game

Xbox live

wanting to play

What are the different ranks?

The Ranks include:

Recruit - Lowest rank.

Soldier - The majority of the mafia will be a soldier, they will be sent of assassination missions.(a random GTA IV xbox live player)

UnderBoss - Only one person will have this rank they are able to assign missions, targets, ect.

Mob Boss - The leader able to assign different ranks, send people on missions, assassinations, ect.



To Join:


Type "join" for password, CaSe SenSitIve.

Our first match may be a 8v8 match against a police clan, or other mafia clans

My gamertag is Se7enD34dlySins

go to site and register to join, if you have any questions pm me

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