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Aspiring Upgrades for ACER

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Links from my Model's review stats (keep in mind, Cnet's has some misplaced data now recovered below:



Doing more digging around my 2007 vintage Intel Acer notebook, and I found ...finally, a list of parts to reference for making a GAME capable machine from it. Most parts and sellers on Ebay to help with this, my model is 4710 Gemstone series, casing designed by BMW, the automotive maker.

The display is 14.1 inch, though as you go up or down in model, some all include the same set of features

The first review is misleading, it's CNET's dated to mid 2007, whereas mine came out in September and features Core Duo / Centrino Duo, 945[GM[ Intel chipset with a T2450 CPU that's not quite up to Core2 specs, the Core2's appear to start at 667Mhz Front side bus on up, but this chipset should support the following ranges;

Celeron M (mobile) 520,530

Core Duo T2050, T2080, T2450, T2060, T2250

Core2 Duo T7200 *no luck with this on my end, T5500, T5600, T7400, T7600.

Processor ZIF adapter to match the CPU's pins is labeled mPGA 479 model

The ram is 667Mhz to match bus speeds, though the lowlier CPUs are FSB 533Mhz only.

DDR2 512MB, 1GB, 2GB... and one eBay seller claims 100% compatible 4GB RAM cards, and that's for one per slot to 8GBytes total system RAM!

However, caveat is that you need to have a 64bit Operating System for it.

You can make sure your motherboard is MXM revision capable once you have the bottom off and check for a MXM card mount near the fan. it will always be near the fan of the system so you can mount a Heatsink cooler, for the 4710, I found one finally, this week, happy to report it's from the LAPTOP AID people on eBay, a trusted seller. The model for this HSF cooler is GC055515VH-A

For motherboards, the simple 4710 could be followed by "G" for graphics optional upgrade? But not entirely sure, one thing seems clear, The picture associated with the following; MB.AHP01.002

The oo2 part suggests a later mobo revision, however, not all pictures I looked at show a MXM card slot for the mounting!

Be aware it must have one either on your computer or replacing the board to upgrade. It will not effect your original Hard Disk OS

Another thing to look at is the MXM II solutions for gaming, the ATI Radeons came up most recently but because of the PCIexpress accepted MXM standard approved, nVidia also supports a few cards but may not be always compatible.

ATI cards for the model Aspire I work with will range from $115 to $200 USD

EXPENSIVE! But for portable gaming, the only workable solution if you have one of these systems

HD2300 cards start out the $115 range, with 256MB of DDR2 game memory

Going up the chain you have HD3470 and HD4570 with 512MB of sole video RAM for your games.

Other Aspire notebooks to include in these is 4920G and 4310

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I hope not to do too much bumping or appending Double posts, though with expiring EDIT function it's hard to go back to the original post around here... I found this current eBay score, and as an owner, compelled to respond to this.... Seems the users' OS install issue COULD be the same as mine, which was getting the ODD to boot an installer disc and having the proper SATA driver load before hand, typically Windows prompts you for such things as it's beginning the disc reading and file loading (to memory) process. There's also notable upgrade paths for this machine he's selling, assentially the same as mine, but with different spec attributes. Of course, note the internal GMA950 graphics, meaning there's mostly a chance Acer saw fit to outfit the motheboard with no MXM slot, that's required for PCI Express Module cards for gaming, ATI and Nvidia offer a host of them as can be obtained online in the marketplace presently


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