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CPU Guide for Shoppers


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Ever think you MIGHT Christmas shop for a new computer? Built? Build it your self?

I hear a few people might, I know I might, if I ever sell the old so I can be in with the new

I came across some old reference leading to a new one, and this site I've seen parts of but somehow missed this fabulous PC CPU guide, laptop, notebook, desktop. Novice or expert, you deserve to have information plentiful, thorough and useful!

Glad to link you up here! MERRY XMAS SHOPPING, everybody!!


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I hoped no one would be upset it was centering on Mobile CPUs but it gives a good idea about the changes and characteristics.

For the record, following the transition from DDR2 to Double Data Rate 3 series RAM, the initial transition got luke warm response, and was said it would be a while to improve actual performance among DDR2 to DDR3 RAM in general, let me ask anyone using both... Have you noticed that performance there? The articles now suggest there is a notable difference, so I wonder, what was the point in which production made a difference?

Here's a video of my PC version on my same spec card, a 5450 ATI with 1GB graphics RAM, it doesn't appear too slow or lagging! haha The card is affordable as well


Sorry it's not in English however ^

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