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i have to ask the experts in modding ;)

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after i finish my modding..and after i press new game it start with mission...(the first mission)

my question is how i can Ignore this mission and go to any place like ( x:4546blaaa Y:54165blaaa z:561465blaa )

Something like that.. but how??

Please don't be lazy for reply in this topic ^_^

And, Thanks ~_^

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ok..why no one reply??...anyway thanks all LOSE :sick: Let me Leave That Nooby Site :bannage::sick:

Nobody loses, except perhaps you. This site is not nooby. It never was and never will be. The reason virtually nobody is replying to your topic is just that the site is inactive due to lack of visitors, since it has been three or so years since the release of the last GTA game. I have the same problem as you, yet I don't make posts like yours up there.

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