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warning level - what is that and why did this exist?

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i have see on the forums a bar under the person's photo which it says warning level and it scares me and now my question is that

-why did this exist?

-what is the worst thing who someone can take?

-can the warning level status bar decrease or it's only increases?

-did you banned if the status bar it's only 100% or it can be and less?

-how can a person increased it (accidently) and how he can decreased it?

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It shouldn't scare you.

It exists so we have a way to tell members when they have done wrong, and so that they (and the moderators) can see this.

It can, but we only decrease it in case of when it's been wrongly increased.

Yes, although usually if your behaviour on the forum is that bad you'll probably get banned before it reaches 100%

As I said above, we only decrease in the event a moderator accidentally increases it. This is very rare and usually down either to mistaken identity or simply by clicking on on the wrong person and not realising. It serves as a record of your past behaviour on the forums and may be taken into account regarding future decisions (such as additional warnings).

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