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SA-2P - Two Player San Andreas


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I promised these guys I'd give them a shout on TheGTAPlace. Over at the SA-2P website they've been working hard to implement a two player feature for San Andreas, for online play of course.

The difference between this and other multiplayer mods is that although this is only 2 player, it may be able to support pedestrians and other things unsupported on the other multiplayer mods.

Check out their site for screens and videos. Also check out the downloads database as I'll be adding more files throughout the week without necessarily posting about them.

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So... Well. If me and my friend who love 2-player SanAn rampaging, driving, and all-out idiocracy want to play, what would be better? SA-MP, or SA-2P? I mean, SA-MP is looking the best to me, with all those people, and all. But we only need 2-player, and we'd really miss shooting pedestrians will jumping out of airplanes using jetpacks. You know what I mean?

This supports multiple vehicles, right? That whole 2-player 1-vehicle thing on the PS2 version, just wasn't doing it.

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Yeah its multiplayer, but only allows 2 players. You can play against a guy on the other side of the world, which I have. Basicly SA-2P is more likely co-op, but each player has its own screen. Where SA-MP is just multiplayer action, and I dont think due to today's internet connections, that we will not soon see pedestrains in multiplayer mods like SA-MP and MTA.

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