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Bust That Crazy Sh*t Replay Contest (SanAn PC)


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Those of you who aren't on the mailing list won't know about this great competition Rockstar are holding for San Andreas, the following excerpt explains everything:

Whether you've made it all the way through Las Venturas,

are spending hours on end perfecting your stunt jumps over the hills of San Fierro, or even if you're still taking your time idly wilding out in the streets of Los Santos

– anyone who's passed time in the state of San Andreas knows there's a hell of a lot of trouble you can get into.

We want to see exactly what you're capable of.

Send us your most jaw-dropping bit of 30 second gameplay using the Replay feature of the PC edition of

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

With three categories of competition each based on the major greater-metropolitan-areas of the state: Los Santos (including Red County), San Fierro (including Whetstone and Flint County), and Las Venturas (including Tierra Robada and

Bone County) – the entrant who submits the replay we deem to be the most spectacular, creative and entertaining in each category will win:

  • a powerful Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT video card
  • a bountiful prize pack of limited-edition San Andreas goods
  • a custom-made, gold-dipped, West Coast style car plate winner's trophy, etched with your name.
    A true San Andreas collectors' item.

Entry deadline is August 15th, 2005.

Visit www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas/pc/contest for all details, entry form, and official rules.

So you've got 45 days to get doing some kick ass stuff on San Andreas. Don't forget there's copious amounts of merchandise up for grabs so I know I'll be entering it!

Visit the official contest page.

Oh and one tool you will no doubt find very useful whilst exercising your impressive skills will be SaRaH, a.k.a the SA Replay Handler

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