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How to install downloaded Saved Games?


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Sometimes I just want to drive around listening to music, so I thought I'd download a saved game which lets me access each city without having to fly there and use multiple cheats. But I've tried several downloads, and they all load right from the beginning?

I think I'm doing something wrong... I have a saved game that is compatible with my game version (2.0 or whatever), I popped it in the user data folder thingy, overriding the original file, but still it loads from the very beginning of the game. :(

How does one properly install a downloaded saved game? I figured there wouldn't be an exact science to it...

I don't have any mods that could cause conflicts.


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Sorry, not sure how to edit my original post, but anyway... I've looked more into it, and have attempted to download a degrading patch to make my game version 1.0, but the download always corrupts (the one on filefront or whatever), but I read that it probably won't work and will just cause game crashes? So who knows...

I will suck it up and work my way through the game if I have to, it's just annoying not being able to make something work, lol.

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You have the original copy of the game? If you do then you can delete the GTA SA user folder and uninstall the entire game, then try to reinstall it and extract the downloaded files in the game's user folder.

Oh, and make sure you have the v1.0 as most of the people that upload their saved files are from v1.0. Good luck!

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