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Playstation 3 users, Take Note...

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Power A substitute controllers for PS3 systems require some Buyer Beware notice, Mine is a wired variety from a pawnshop, I paid no more then $10 as I recall, BUT it only worked for several months, if even that, The analogs are FAR off Axis now, and just went bad, no abuse. I am an adult gamer, and I don't really abuse my stuff. I did take it apart and reassemble only to find the analog switches are hard soldered to the board supporting the circuits and buttons, all of which still work, but the analogs are crucial elements for gameplay, so it's garbage. Made in China.... Just sayin'

As for other findings, the PS3 itself IS RELIANT on the BD drive working in order for HDD saves to initialize, never mind that you don't require a disc to play a downloaded demo or game, your system will hang and never recover. So, my find was that a properly loading mechanical drive, as long as it's mostly working will allow the system to function as needed, but won't read any disc media, in my case, the ODD is screwed! ARGH.....

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