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'Demolition Man' help please?

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If your using the PC Version you can use the "Freeze Mission Timer" cheat and "No Car Damage" this will prevent the helicopter from taking damage and prevent you from running out of time. That way you can take your time on each floor. And yes, the helicopters are really annoying in Vice City.

I'm pretty sure there is a Vice City trainer that has both these cheats on hotkey if you can't find a cheat on the internet for it.

If you have a console version then maybe using these cheats on a cheat device might be something to look into. If your looking to play the full game without cheats just take your time moving down each floor, as most of my damages were caused by crashing and not actual harm. I actually completed the main story without completing this quest, so you can always skip it and come back to it.

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I believe it was the first frustrating mission I remember, BUT the key to really making fast work is to probably start at the top, but it doesn't matter if you forsake the TIMED mission aspect and kill all the threats, use the heli blades, then once they've all been dispatched, you can take some time getting this done, all within the metered count-down, it works, believe me! These little loopholes are what open ended games like GTA and RDR afford those who find the skill challenge can be too tough. For San An, for example, the fly below the radar for NOE is really tough, but I flew out over open water and just flew my plane around the coastline, which takes a little more time, but there's less obstacles to fly around or over

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