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GTA All Stars Mod


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Hello everyone! I am planning a Total Conversion for GTA SA called All stars. It's name says much about the mod. There will be new missions, maps, graphics, textures etc. There's just one little problem: missions. I am bad in coding so I need someone for the missions. If you are good in coding, please tell me. At the moments we have 4 members working on the mod. If you are interested by helping on the mod, send me a PM. We'll make a nice cool mod.

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One problem with such mods is that people jump into planning an extravagant and ambitious conversion and then end up doing little to nothing. I suggest that you start small, and then when you're doing good at it work it little by little until you have better progress.

Just my two cents.

Actually, we've got a problem in a mission. The game crashes after few seconds of playing. Also, here's the main.scm file.

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