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Steam: All Grand Theft Auto Games 75% Off Today


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Still not got any GTA games on your PC? Well, good news, today's daily deals in the Steam Summer Sale include the entire Grand Theft Auto Collection, with every game featuring a 75% discount.

Furthermore, the already discounted complete package has an additional 75% off. This means you can legitimately own all the PC GTA games for just £4.99 ($12.49 / 7,49€). That is an incredible deal!


The Steam Summer Sale is probably the greatest wallet-emptying experience for a PC gamer, but at this price, come on, it's not even gonna put a dent in it! At the time of posting this article you have just over 35 hours to take advantage of the deal.

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'Tis an excellent deal!, but I've no money, been trying to make some. It's just not easy since the recession has caused people to save rather then spend and try for the latest greatest over second hand.

I have Episodes I paid full price for, and the rare Vice City for PC, a hard to find title around these parts, and two copies of GTA III, thankfully, a spare there!

I would like to get GTA IV but here, used copies are about $20 USD, for PC, game console variety marked down sometimes further, to $15 or $16 usd

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Me? You can't get them easily, but obviously eBay and localized Craigslist, but for me, the venue is normally Goodwill/Easterseals stores, like a store that is on par with a Garage Sale in the neighborhood!

In the state of Minnesota, BTW

Half Price Books store as well, a very cool resource for all media, not just books

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