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Return of Artistry Licensing GTA V

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It's not a stretch to think artists already appearing in GTA prior, could return in GTA V, many suspect some kept genres but I also expect some new, a 60s or early 70s progressive radio station very likely

List what you think is the most likely or what you hope to see or has the best chance in GTA future/neXt, or GTA V specifically?

For me, more KISS, more Black Crowes, more The Who.

Perhaps even Genesis and Phil Collins

I believe Sam Houser said that QUEEN was a personal favorite he was proud to have as well as David Bowie or Elton John, so my money would be on those as well

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I'm assuming they'll have a mix of everything. I would like to maybe see a modern, "indie" rock radio station with the likes of Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Kigns of Leon, Strokes, etc.

I'm sure they'll have a '70s rock station, as most regular cities do. For something of that type, I think I'd pick Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, Free, Bad Company, KISS ('70s only, really). Those groups just have that screaming '70s masculinity about them, don't they lol. Doesn't get any more "tough" than those, super-macho groups. Of that time period altogether my favorites would probably be Beatles (obviously, probably not going to happen), Jimi Hendrix Experience, Velvet Underground, Deep Purple, etc.

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Just this week, a lot of Cee Lo Green on pay TV and it's got me thinking his UNCENSORED hit should be in GTA, it's a great tune, and it's got that Adult rating that fits the game to a T! hahaha

F' You


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