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I did some thread about legacy tech, but since no one is feeling too talkative besides me, this thread here is about any older technical marvel you still have, keep around, and perhaps even actually use. I come from an age where the REAL worry was more about getting a warranty and having something break 90 days on out to 2 or 5 years later. When our one or two TVs in the home were relied on for decades of service. Now we live in the throw away phone, camera and computer age. Where after a year, it's just not up to snuff any longer.

Surely, there are some electronic products that are so useful, well designed, and capable, that you just feel like you've no reason to fear obsolesence in such cases... Expound on your personal cache here...

For me, it's easy to say what electronics pass muster more solely on their very forward thinking design or quality build, though advances relagate them to the past, they work, and when it ain't broke, don't fix it....or replace it... My motto! haha

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