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GTA:IV Mod Request (epic)

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I was thinking today, how awesome would it be to have a realistic demolition derby mod for GTA:IV where you demo derby with the AI's.I am not sure how possible this is, looking at the other mods, I would think that this would be a piece of cake for somebody that has some modding talent. The mod would be script based, somewhat like a trainer. Below are the features I would like this mod to have.

Able to spawn random attacking peds in vehicles with no weapons at the location you are standing.

Able to set the next vehicle that will spawn with the attacking ped.

Able to have the NPC's freeze until you are ready to derby, or freeze them with a press of a button.

NPC's attack the closest person in a vehicle.

Vehicles have the chance to stall without major damage, and are sometimes able to restart.

Vehicles can catch fire, but not explode.

Ped does not exit vehicle if car stalls unless the player steals the car, forcing them to leave.

Option to dispatch a firetruck for burning vehicles.

(Optional) Vehicles doors are sealed, making them less likely to fall off the first hit.

As for removing the vehicles, I would use the towing service mod that spawns a big rig that carries the vehicle away.

Able to support custom/imported vehicles.

Disable wanted level, or becoming wanted for crashing into other vehicles.

Some of this may be possible with a trainer, but I would think that this would take to much time to setup. I would really like this mod to be made, as it would transform GTA:IV into a super realistic demolition derby, and I believe it would be used by a huge amount of people. If someone is interested in making this mod, please note that I am willing to pay if it works out great, and has all the above features. You can email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread to contact me. Also, feel free to recommend more features that I may have left out. Thanks :)

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Hot Ring racers in GTA Vice City are in the wishlist for GTA V, so as far as a mod, no idea, but we're hoping to influence someone at Rockstar planning future GTA to include more of that, and I concur, sounds like something similar to GTA San Andreas, but also something that could be resurrected

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Yeah, but what im talking about is the current trainer for GTA:IV, I was able to spawn attacking peds in vehicles, that came after you to derby, but there was a passenger, and he had a weapon and was shooting me, making it no fun. With the current trainer, a slight modification of this would be able to make all those features possible.

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