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Haswell with Thunderbolt?

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Just wondering if the upcoming Intel Haswell will be the one with Thunderbolt as a major component of next gen hardware spec?

On a search I did for layman's terms on what Thunderbolt is, inspired by the latest PC WORLD article. I had also been to my local Microcenter talking with staff about how it's predicted the next big tech advancement hardware wise.

For those who aren't as aware, 1156 socket mentioned prior is for first generation Nehalem core Intel processors, the familiar i3, i5, i7s we've seen for some time, basically 2009.

We're in the third generation of those, with Ivy Bridge and some backward compatible to Sandy Bridge socket. However, Haswell is Intels next in line generational die-shrink CPU core. It's taken several years for DDR3 to come of age, and to see support widespread for USB 3.0, though found on laptops and desktops more and more, the hardware usage has to be still limited based on what I've seen for applications. Was told even having the support added or onboard might not show in data transfers from older devices.

This is to weigh in on what will drive your next PC or laptop purchase, what will be the deciding factor on staying ahead of the curve, if even possible?

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