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Ten Long Years

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In the PC World of the modern age. Think back....

In a few previous postings I made, I covered how XP and the dawn of Intel's Pentium really came about 30 years from Intel's own inception. Bill Gates own exploration into software took shape at the early 1970s decade, prior to home machines being a reality, another 8 years on. Intel's Pentium has been around since the 1990s began, and they've thought to abolish the name and try and move on. Microsoft is changing their stodgy logo, in the news as of late, in keeping with a new OS theme, a new portable tablet, and perhaps, even a new gaming console on the horizon. I'm not too impressed with their choice of design for the new logo, like NBC Universal when bought out, the change doesn't seem to bode well

It will be hard to tell if something newer is actually better, which seems the way of most things, presumably they get better despite scrapping an idea that stands up over years and years of use and proliferation as well.

Adopted standards can be very appealing, make no mistake! However, times march on and nothing is safe, all bets are off...

Still. As I was working with two Windows ME computers and doing some OS repairs, I thought to remind everyone that hey, I can still get ME to work, and despite it's terrible reputation, I think it's impressive that it can work, although the biggest transition was mating Windows Millennium to my Core2 capable Acer Aspire laptop, it limited actual HDD space with a partition that it instigated upon format, it still worked, lacking only drivers for all aspects of flawless operation. That alone was roughly 10 years space in time, from it's release to the Acer coming out in late 2007.

At least 5 years of advancing tech.

So, with this thread, I'm announcing a video I shot for YouTube showing how to get a Flash player up and running on Window 9x, and specifically Windows ME, but it's worked for Win98 as well. Once setup on a machine with capable drivers, and an AV (Anti Virus) suite that still runs on Win 9x, it can do most things people use a computer for in the present. Keeping it running safely really only requires more offline use then on.

Here's another article chronicling the seas of change.... Happy B-Day Win95!! YIKES! Where's the cake, fellas??


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