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New to GTAIII modding: Help required for car mod installs


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Hello everyone,

I'm completely new to anything to do with PC gaming, let alone modding, but I love GTA and heard this was where you come to when you want to freshen up the older games.

I've been trying to install some of the amazing car mods made for GTA3. The cars I've tried so far have been the BMW M3, Porsche Veilside and the Dodge Charger. I'm new to the IMG Tool but what I've been doing is removing the dff and TXD files, and then adding the new dff and TXD files which come with the downloaded mod. When thats done I then go to the main game and when it comes to finding those cars, they are not in a normal looking condition.

Basically I have the shape of the cars there, but the piant jobs look like they have bugged out. Obviously the error is on my part, but please could you tell me what it is I'm doing wrong, or point me in the direction of a step by step guide.

Many thanks and thank you to the owners of this site and the modders of the GTA games for outstanding work.

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99 views and no replies eh. Ok I'll try to make these next questions as simple as I possibly can.

I've noticed there is an Xbox mod which polishes up the game. I istalled this mod but since playing noticed certain graphic probelms. Cars when overturned would have a bright white base. Kenji in the cutscenes, whilst his face was fine, there was no colour to his suit, just a generic white colour. Is there a specific way I need to install this patch ?

A few moments ago I downloaded the skin editor to try and have a go at making my own GTA3 skin. When I extracted the download and clicked the setup up icon, all I was getting was an error message. Again, is there a certain way/place I need to extract this type of thing?

As mentioned in my first post I'm new to GTA3 modding. If an experienced forum member doesn't feel like taking the time to respond in detail, please could you provide me with some useful GTA3 modding/patch tutorials.

Thank you.

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Sadly man I didn't

Its ok mate. I unistalled and reinstalled the game. Going to stay away from mods as the problems are worth the wasted time. Tonnes of half-arsed tutorials all over the net, which then conflict with the next.

Thanks for the reply though man. Can you delete your own account on here or is it just a case of not logging in no more ? Only reason I ask for account deletes is just so I can clean up and not leave anything behind that I shouldn't etc.

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Make sure you download the Xbox Accessories software from MS supporting the Xbox controller on PC, since not everyone moving to PC or laptop GTA can do the game under keyboard or mouse, note as well, you will find a re-mapping augmentation of the controller for GTA will help as well.

For GTA mods, I don't know where they ALL reside really, but someone should have something to slow down the driving somewhat, on a variable gauge level I should think, I just found at game-speed, the controls being what they are on console versions, it can get pretty hap hazard and sloppy.

As I see it, one of the major improvements in GTA is how leaving the Renderware engine was good in this aspect of the game builds.

"BMW M3, Porsche Veilside and the Dodge Charger"

The Porsche name you give seems fictional...based on a location in GTA 3? I've never heard of the car being named that, though I'm rusty, so I ask 'what's up with that'?

As far as where the troublesome mods are that you try, it would help to link those in your post so people know which ones MIGHT be flawed, don't put all things down to user error, but some could be designer error and incomplete mods. Remember, any mods could be WORSE then Rockstar programmers own work, which has to be as close to spot-on as possible

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