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GTA in real life bringing back old PC cheats

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Just about a month ago, I set out to make GTA video based off and in real life. Basically I always enjoyed playing GTA 3 on PC when you had to type out the cheat code "Bangbangbang" to explode all vehicles around you, and if you did it multiple times the cars would actually fly up really high into the sky.

I based this video off of that concept, of course i did add a cellphone to the video so that would reference GTA IV's way to input and activate cheat codes. I hope you guys enjoy this video we did for fun, we want to continue to make videos (especially much better ones) about games in real life.

Tell us what you think, what we could've done better, give it a like, or suggestions/ideas for future videos! Thank you! :)

here's the video below:

I make videos and am especially in making live action videos of video games and we are a fans of the Grand Theft Auto games and series and we are especially exited of the upcoming GTA 5, we want to make a live action video about it as fans of the game. leave us suggestions about that as well we would love to hear them!

thank you guys!

-Chema from Sauriouz

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I've seen some GTA emulated videos where some sort of re-enactment on YouTube is presented, but for the most part, nothing is as or has been as entertaining as the game itself, but I mentioned before, Roman's voice actor, on his YT channel did the voice alone to comic effect, and that I just love, it was hilarious, no two ways about it! I've not checked in to what he's done lately, but I should!


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