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All In Wonder of Tuners

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Don't know if you guys using PC have dabbled into Tuner cards, they support TV, video inputs, outputs, FM radio broadcasts and DVR features, in other words, they do a host of multimedia processing that makes the computer's job a heckuva lot easier!

I have dabbled myself, with ATI All in Wonder and some vintage PC to TV adapters from the earliest stages, as well as USB capture devices, in aid for photos and video as well as audio sources into digital PC files for easy manipulation online and off, even re-printing to a local printer is benefited by such hardware add ons

What I'm finding out about my ATI Wonder Pro/Elite is worth addressing, since like many hardware cards, people often don't get them as new bundled items and use the Internet to find the needed software and support.

This thread can be a future guide for anyone wishing to use their PC or laptop as a TIVO like DVR, Digital Video Recorder which have themselves included DVD burners and IDE/SATA drives for storage. So, not unlike a PC, TIVO has used much the same hardware but a streamlined approach that apparently is harder to replicate on a PC with various software and hardware, but still, as it seems in my search, lacking in old and new solutions that are good enough in any one area


For instance, ATI's AIW being a quintessential product for years now, they opted to fuse Cyberhome software with their card's drivers, or offer a unified approach with Catalyst versus their earlier all-in-one software.

The reviews of which show that there's issues with that approach they adopted, and using Windows OS or Media Center Edition's own Media Center app with any add-on card presents the same challenges.

This is just one search I did to see where the program for ATI's card might reside, with the above link being highlighted ^


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I'm going to add this review of a laptop I'm considering, My Acer 4710 has four Hard Disks formatted for use on it, and it's a bit much, but I kept two other SATA drives from an HP Compaq 6710B, sadly, not the same chipset as the HP reviewed here, but it's in line with my Acer Aspire at a slightly bumped up bus speed. Note the review of the tuner they tested... a USB version ATI....


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