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Intel Core2Extreme mobos

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I bought and received an Intel DP45GS, the P45 Intel chipset, their own boards have been tauted as very 'rock solid, reliable', kinda like ASUStek's claims, but people using Intel chips don't encounter exasperating problems in droves, but looking up the issue I find, no POST, no heat generation.... This board is picky as far as BIOS, and most importantly, RAM, I have two different sets and they don't work... NADA, I tried everything, two processors and heat sink/fans and jumper adjustments, all the slots as well, just lights and fans.... It's going back to sender. Buyer beware, these have issues, I'm sad about this, but I did want SLi versus Crossfire/X, so I need a newer gen board where Intel forced nVidia's hand in allowing SLI on boards also optioning SLI.... As my research shows, SLI has been around longer then Crossfire, and ATI's Crossfire has always had issues in stepping up to the nVidia challenge, it's benefits of slightly different cards that work with it seem to fall short in what nVidia's SLI offers.


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