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Patriot Act


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One of the challenges in a Patriot parked near the waterfront where you start (to the West/North) I forget the name specifically, but you're required to get checkpoints on a very steep hill without losing your vehicle or running out of time, as I recollect the last time I played, it seemed nearly impossible and I skip such missions, when I can....but how the hell did anyone do that, and how bout we bump a thread on flying the dodo? I got tips and STILL couldn't manage to get it off the runway substantially

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Ahhh, the Dodo, such a piece of sheer ANGER. But alas, I did manage to fly that thing all the way to the first island. You have to keep it at a proper altitude and speed so that it keeps wanting to go higher than it is, maintaining that it doesn't so you keep your momentum. You need a solid high lift-off and a good dive wouldn't hurt. I did it the same way every time. Get it rolling at top speed, then hold the stick upwards so the nose dips, and RIGHT before it starts sparking, release the stick and pull back. This shoots you up in the air. From that point it's just maintaining flight...

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I'd asked for tips years ago, and then was back to the same drawing board since I had more frustration in store trying it again and again, yeah, I dunno if I can get it just right, but it's still a bit mind boggling why Rockstar went that route, if it was just a discovered HAPPY ACCIDENT, as they say

That Patriot collecting missions is just harder then hard for me, as was the one I'm trying to do in GTA SAn An, Zero's defend the radar towers, I have the most trouble shooting moving objects with a controller, but I still think controllers are the most appealing gaming control, over all, they just need more refinement ultimately, just as you can refine a mouse for the PC, I think that controllers should be at that stage in the current generation, especially seeing the price points for them at retail... $55 USD?!?

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