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Comparsion between SA and V (graphic)


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GTA is still not realistic enough... it should charge the player for house rent and various taxes.

I am not sure including something as mundane as paying rent and taxes in a video game will be a particularly good selling point...


On topic: great video, I really enjoyed seeing just how far Rockstar have come with the series since San Andreas

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Grand Theft's come a long way, that's for sure. I watched the downloaded version of the gameplay preview a few times, pausing it at key moments, there are still inherent deficiencies like texture for human skin whether face or hands, that still needs improvement, but the textures I saw lacking in previous displays of GTA5 are really starting to fill out and I think the delay helped to add more to the mix, in all honesty. Though one thing that's always troubled me with graphics and animation that is still an issue within GTA V, and that is moving boats and cars over roadways and water, the contact that's most realistic between nature and man made objects like boats, jetskis, trucks, or cars, and asphalt as well are hit and miss, in some areas, like the biking we saw, it looks near to photorealism as you can get, then there are some where there seems little actual contact between surfaces, and you get the dreaded 'floating' effect, this is likely not going to be resolved with the limited time or tech no matter who's making what though, but something that can be improved as the hardware advances, along with the know-how

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