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That leet forum(gay name I know)

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why hello everyone. I have seen some critizicsm (sp) but I want you to all look at it again and tell me what you think. I have gained some members over the past days, one that are which considered "big names" on other forums. Including, Genocide, Officer Cartman, Mechasoupx and Corridon. Ride The Lightning, I can't remember my name, Falwith and Sturm Soldat are one of the best Rp'ers on the board.

I wouldn't call this a gta site, though mainly focused on it. I would call it a GTA-gang-RP board. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so. And for the members who said it was shit, look at it again.

Spasmodically_insane, it would be great if you joined like I have said cause O_C needs a gfx artist.

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Ahh whoops double post...don't care

Anyway, yes, that l33t forum has now 102 members, so for all of you saying that I wouldn't get that many members, suck it! About 2,273 posts to date right now I think, it is doing fairly well. So if you havent joined, join!


*Now has a shop*

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