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  1. Heh, staff messing up is funner than members messing up!
  2. You mean you were never a Dragon? EVERYONE has been a Dragon! With the exception of a few members, Chris hasn't I don't believe. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've never been one, though I wanted to join when the CCF disbanded, but I thought ya'll wouldn't like me.. and then I vanished.
  3. I like the age verification thing, nice touch. The Halo PCJ kicks ass.
  4. I think Tri is you'd gently caress anything... Well CN thinks that... But alot of these "bi" people are Tri I believe..
  5. I don't think they are the "official" forums of Grand Theft Auto. They just got that name. Welcome anyways!
  6. I think it has to do with something nasty.. Or about osiris riding a bicycle.
  7. Yeah it does... but they might've done that... because... :'( YOU RUINED IT!
  8. I was gonna make a sig with it, but I came up with nothign.
  9. Do you still want your mom to help you?
  10. Oh... all that stuff is pretty fuzzy.
  11. pay it back when you start posting...
  12. I can get a picture of my hoes.
  13. thats because i'm a hard core veteran! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So was I... I was 2nd in command of the Calvano Crime Family! Oh well.
  14. Want me to take off the training wheels?
  15. Oh, they have name changer thingy's. But that costs money... Could someone get that to work, my old account?
  16. They had their feet and hands against the wall when god painted them.. Well thats the joke. But white people have that too. I dont' think they can tan. They have a special skin thing.
  17. Naw, they just are waiting for its return. I didn't get this welcome! I used a new name because I couldn't sign in to my old one, though I can see some of its posts on the board. I left the same as pyro did. But I left quietly... Can I change my name to... Odie? I just watched Garfield the movie, and I like that name. Woah, Ambience looks like the skin I use on my forum. Well just that bar thing.
  18. He's... he's... gay? Alright Wilber get out the rope, we's gots us a homo on our hands. ...
  19. I don't wear pants, I wear a speedo and spray paint my legs to make it look like pants. I like my hair, and its pretty fun to be in ROTC. I'll grow it back sometime. I can get a mowhawk. Shut up about my late response.
  20. Leprekon.... Grow it back..... Grow.... it back.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lmao, it got annoying, I didn't have to have it all cut off but I felt like it. And I could grow it back in half a year easy.
  21. I don't really like windows, but its familiar to me and its compatible with almost everythign.
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