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  1. The Candy Man

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    Ahh whoops double post...don't care Anyway, yes, that l33t forum has now 102 members, so for all of you saying that I wouldn't get that many members, suck it! About 2,273 posts to date right now I think, it is doing fairly well. So if you havent joined, join! http://l33tforum.servegame.com *Now has a shop*
  2. The Candy Man


    1st of all, check out my site, it has a store. Where you can buy the items, send money to people and get money. Thank you. Shut up take a look at XGTA forums. They have about as much posts as this place does. about 10,000 off. Thank you again. Its an Invisionfree board. Don't tell me IF sucks because all of yours did because you don't have advertising skills. Thank you again, I will see you all later..
  3. The Candy Man

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    thanks you should join
  4. The Candy Man

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    I'ts my site, Geno is a mod there
  5. The Candy Man

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    why hello everyone. I have seen some critizicsm (sp) but I want you to all look at it again and tell me what you think. I have gained some members over the past days, one that are which considered "big names" on other forums. Including, Genocide, Officer Cartman, Mechasoupx and Corridon. Ride The Lightning, I can't remember my name, Falwith and Sturm Soldat are one of the best Rp'ers on the board. I wouldn't call this a gta site, though mainly focused on it. I would call it a GTA-gang-RP board. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so. And for the members who said it was shit, look at it again. Spasmodically_insane, it would be great if you joined like I have said cause O_C needs a gfx artist.
  6. The Candy Man


    Ummm...cool.......although I am not into that stuff, it was prett cool
  7. The Candy Man


    ^ too bad you left too
  8. The Candy Man

    Grand Theft Auto Ireland 1year old...

    .........nice site
  9. The Candy Man

    Word Association

    3.14 blah blah blah
  10. The Candy Man

    Word Association

  11. The Candy Man

    Flash or Visual Basic

    Flash, just because I know what it is
  12. The Candy Man


    I am so happy that GTA PSP wil be 3d. That is just like so awesome
  13. The Candy Man

    Three Word Story

    they went to
  14. The Candy Man

    Our Fantastic Forums

    I like it but my space on forums is runnung out, I am on to many
  15. The Candy Man


    Well, see ya!