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  1. Its looking good andre!
  2. ^ Is a Tgp supermod. < Wants to know who the gently caress barfy is. v Is a sumo wrestler.
  3. Every Austin Powers movie I, robot Every matrix
  4. Avatar: 10/10 love the effect Sig:10/10 Love the robot and the background Personality: Seems a nice guy........ until he gets angry
  5. This is bio-gaming 2 its an upgrade of what crimson posted The bio gaming Forums
  6. arghhh that dumb piece of wrinkly shit rockstar is great cant sue it
  7. Wow i can't beleive i didnt notice that yet lol
  8. Lol yeah ive noticed that gta webring is in the gta section lol why did you put the suggestions down here?
  9. I like reuniting the families its also tough as well because you dont have very much car health
  10. ^ im not the peewee from gtawh (sorry spas) i will leave spas the gently caress alone < only joined yesterday! v has been a mod/admin on this site
  11. Yeah so do I chris can you move it back please?
  12. It looks good lionel i might consider joining
  13. Nice site pimpeh dont really like the skin that much though.
  14. No I'm not getting it i dont have a gameboy advance.It saounds good though.
  15. I say the Zaibatsu because they are in every city you get.
  16. They are brilliant! 10/10 for all the sigs. are you thinking of selling them in the trading stalls?
  17. I think it should be bigger because i think the bigger the city the more of an adventure you get.
  18. Very nice forum you got i might join later
  19. Omg shadow cant you read at all it says clearly 30 POSTS TO ADVERTISE and you must be an active member which you are not
  20. I'm not a big fan of star wars sorry.
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