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Rockstar Posts High-res GTA Trilogy Poster Maps


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Remember back in the old days when videogames came in boxes and had instruction manuals and discs among other things? A nice touch Rockstar added to this experience was providing a double sided poster with the game map on the back. Today, Rockstar have posted high-res downloadable digital versions which you may be interested in if you've recently started playing the games again. Click the thumbnails below for the full size images.

gta3map_th.jpg vicecitymap_th.jpg sanandreasmap_th.jpg

via Rockstar Newswire

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Vice City even had a nice window sticker you could put on anything, in fact! I never got that in my game, came in a plain old jewel box, but anywho, we always get fold old map posters with GTA, as far as I know, but I will say this, I found my saved pics of those leaked GTA V maps and been wondering how they'll ultimately stack up against the REAL DEAL! haha, it should provide some good humor when we know!

Before news of GTA IV's land mass area became known, a member at GTAForums named BLUE SPOT found the map as it resides on a police boat instrument panel, and we see the same map in subways in the actual game, in more detail, of course

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