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I have really broken my game by modding it....

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Yeah I ruined my copy of GTASA by trying to apply the ENB series graphical overhaul when I really have no idea how to mod the game.... A rookie mistake I know but anyway.

So I've uninstalled the game, and before I reinstall and ruin the game again I would like to ask how to apply the mod properly. The instructions included with the mod assume a certain level of knowledge which, as I have never tried to mod SA before, I lack. Also, when I downgraded to V1 I got a disc missing error when I tried to run the game (I use an...... alternative... copy, shall we say). Is there anything that can be done about this or shall I have to go legit?

Cheers for your time people I appreciate it.

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You can't break your MASTER COPY of San An or any legit game, just re-install from the disc, I bought all mine, never downloaded a full game yet. They had to be relatively affordable and accessible since I pinch my pennies to be sure!

Any saved games from a Cheat enacted [console] version of GTA's prior effected that game indefinitely, it was thought as intended, not sure why exactly, but it comes with the territory I'd say! haha, you pay a price for 'cheating'. The rule of thumb I'd follow is make a unique copy install of the game for testing things, the procedure would only require a blank HDD disk to start off on from scratch, there are plenty of those around

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