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GTA Custom mission generator - survey respondents needed

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Dear GTA players,

My name is Hristo Petev and I am a student in Malmo University, Sweden. I am contacting you in a question regarding my master thesis.

The topic of my master thesis is "Procedural mission generation for Grand Theft Auto". I will create a software tool that will generate GTA missions based on players' preferences. In order to create quality missions, I need to know what players like. For this purpose, I have created an online survey. You can see the questionnaire on my personal website: http://petev.net/gta/ .

Would you like to help me by answering the questionnaire? In return of your favor I will provide everyone that completes the questionnaire with a set of mission generated during the work on my master thesis.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Your sincerely,
Hristo Georgiev Petev
Malmo University Maste

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