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SAMI (SanAndreasModIntsaller) Not working?

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I've installed it correctly and everything, But when I try to open it, It comes up with I don't have Microsoft.NetFramework v1.1, I've clicked ok and downloaded them and restarted like it said, But nothing has happened and it still comes up!:/ I've read I need to update Windows, So I did so and still nothing...I really want the Bugatti Veyron car mod, I've got it downloaded and everything:(, I've tried Reinstalling SAMI too, Nothing works....


Does anybody have an idea how to use the mods without installing SAMI, Or how to get SAMI to work?




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How to get SAMI to work: In case the error message didn't make it clear, you need NET Framework 1.1.


How to install the mods without SAMI: depends on the mod, the authors usually provide instructions with the mod.

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