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Hello and good evening,


I wanted to share with you all an old video of mine. Produced in the early months of 2005, thegtaplace has graciosuly hosted the file for more than 8 years and nearly 14,000 downloads.


I just wanted to express my gratitude to the staff by reposting it in your forums. So please, enjoy the video!




It's all done in Vice City or the Liberty City map mod. Feel free to post any questions or concerns you have! I'd be happy to help you land the same trick/stunt in the video.

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Whewww.... For a moment, I thought you were going to chastise GTAP members for the combative posting habits of the last few months. It's lack of GTA substance in the promo department. This wait is just too excruciating. Congrats on the commitment and effort, and having the luck of it's hosting on this great site! (not that OTHER one! haha)

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