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GTASA (Stopped Working) ~ When i installed Cleo 3

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Helllo, i installed Cleo 3 for my GTASA Game for my Windows 8 PC. Now i had the "gta_sa.exe Version 1.0" EU Version, after i installed Cleo 3 the Game would not even Load or Run. Why, can anyone please help me ?




Also, even if the GTASA GAME Loaded. I would have Gottern these Error Message (Please See Attachment Pictures). Why ?
1) PtXIdK8.png
2) aPKnn8c.png
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Have you tried adding the gta_sa.exe file to the DEP exceptions list? Another thing would be the ASI loader that you're using. In my case SilentPL's loader works great without the need to actually add the files to DEP.

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