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New Patrick Brown Artwork, Xbox LIVE Avatars, PSN Avatars


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A quick post to update you with some minor news from the past 24 hours. Starting with the coolest. The legendary Patrick Brown who you'll most likely recognise from his amazing artworks he's created for GTA games as well as other franchises, has opened up a new website, and to celebrate has released a brand new work of art for GTA V:




In other news, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace received an update yesterday which makes various GTA V Avatar items available for purchase, including t-shirts, full outfits, and even Chop! View the collection for more details. And in a similar update in the very early hours of this morning, the PSN Store was also updated with various GTA V images you can set as your avatar, each available to purchase for $ 0.49.


xboxlive_gtav_avatar_items.jpg psn_gtav_avatars.jpg

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