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  1. hahaha sure your wife would be pleased with such a proposal xD
  2. I've been lately I thought it would be interesting if the game has performed Lady Gaga xD
  3. She123

    GTA v PC Version

    must be a gta V for pc
  4. She123

    GTA V Delayed, Release Date: 09/17/2013

    I was thinking of the first posts in this topic
  5. She123

    GTA V Delayed, Release Date: 09/17/2013

    your posts provide a lot of interesting information
  6. She123

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    I like the presentation looks very realistic
  7. very nice GTA online it's good idea for all gamers 8)
  8. She123

    Niko is Pretty Upset About GTAV

    How about her tearful
  9. She123

    The insane humor of GTAs radio stations

    interesting xD thx ^^
  10. She123

    X MEN Signature

    hmm, a little bit similar to the X-Men
  11. She123

    What are you currently playing?

    Farmerama cool game xD
  12. She123

    new breakthrough in beauty treatments

    This is a way to stop youth? omg xD bleee
  13. She123

    Why is this forum inactive

    reduced interest in the game? less-active members who write posts ..
  14. She123

    12 New GTA V Screens: The Fast Life

    I like everything looks nice fairly realistic
  15. looks like a cut from cool comic;)
  16. She123

    First Official GTAV Gameplay Trailer!

    very encouraging, it will be fun to relax with this game: D
  17. hasten to love people so quickly away ...
  18. She123

    Hats off to Roy Harper 2013

    not bad thanks
  19. She123

    Vice City Stories Gang Guide

    very nice presentation
  20. Three signature is the best
  21. She123

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    First watch the landscape and countryside