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Grand theft auto san Andreas Myths, Mysteries, Legends


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ok These are some myths i found intresting                                                       


Bigfoot is one of the most popular myths associated with the game. Although many people claim that they have seen Bigfoot, there is no proof that he exists, and many videos captured of Bigfoot are either glitches, mods, or made-up. Moreover, Rockstar confirmed in an interview that Bigfoot doesn't exist in the game. Refer to the main article for more information on Bigfoot


Loch Ness Monster


The legend of the Loch Ness monster was one of the first myths to emerge. It was believed that it appears in the Fisher's Lagoon, one of the few lakes accessible by the player at the very beginning of the game. Like many other myths, this had a strong support back in 2005, but lacks any evidence or in-game references, which would seem to classify this myth as fake. It was later confirmed by a Rockstar spokesman that the 'Nessie' myth is fake.



UFOs are another popular myth of GTA San Andreas. As of this time, a Rockstar spokesman was interviewed and when they asked him about UFOs he changed the subject. Later in another interview, a Rockstar spokesman said: "We did not initially put UFOs in-game. However, there may be some data still in the game we thought to have deleted." This has aroused suspicion among certain areas of the fanbase. Sometimes on the streets, you can hear a pedestrian discuss about a UFO attack on their car.

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ok, i just made a list after then







Mount Chillad horror voices

Strange textures

Serial killer

Ghost Vortex


Ghost Horn

Fire Dog

Strange calls

Sounds of ghost horses

Ghost in Ghost Town




Secret island

Loch Ness Monster

Epsilon Cult

Mass Grave

Epsilon Suicide Path


Green Fog

Red Fog

Ghost Cars


Not welcome mat

Bio waste well

TV on grave

Cris Formage
The Truth
CJ's Moms ghost
The ring girl
Vice City maps
Open grave

UFO map

SPAZ guy

Blue hell


And there are many more..

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How to get the following:


Blue hell- Goto the GYM in los santos, Activate the Jet pack cheat, And then go to the First Left Corner,  And fly up, Blue hell is just basically the Interiors of the game.


The serial killer (wears a trench coat)- He is in El Quebrados Most of the time. Just hang around there for sometime. You will see him. He is the one who talks about the Aliens and more stuff.


Red fog- This is when, Your in the desert And there is So much of rain fall and sand storm, there is red Fog


Weird Horn- Go on the Top Of gant Bridge. Where there is a Board Of "NO EASTER EGGS UP HERE" And wait there for sometime like 2 days( In game) You will hear that, ship Noise.


Scott wilsons grave- Nothing new about that, Just go to Palamino creek. There is a graveyard there, Look around there and you will get it


Not welcome mat- Goto smokes crack place (His drug factory) in East los santos. On the entrance of the third floor there is a Not welcome mat. 


Big smokes Ghost- It is in his Drug factory. ONLY seen at night


Sounds of ghost horses- Goto las barrancas time at 00.00 you will hear them


Cane is a weapon- Found behind the VineWood sign


Ghost cars- Cars Having people no one inside. Mostly found in Mount chillad. Some like the Ghost vortex is a Spawn problem. The ghost cars are there for helping the player to get out if they are lost in the mountain. Nothing too serious


Strange calls(Phone booth)- If you find a phone booth near the time 3.00-3.30, Or a person calls You up with speaking in Horror voices.

I dont know much about the phone booth. Its also a random Spawning object which rings by it self, No one picks it up. Found in the desert


Mothman- I have seen this creature my self. It was In san fierro airport, On top of the Control tower. When i flew towards it, It flew towards the desert. You can see this creature when You are flying some thing Fast. Like a Hydra Or flying cars( By activating a cheat). And another thing is you can search for it.


The others i am yet finding Out.

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In WCTR radio station there is a Guy who talks about Adventures, These guy has a last client, Who talks about a Adventure. The radio Guy reply's 

"Searching for a yeti in the Himalayas?"

"Searching for Pythons in africa?''


Well the first statement explains that, Searching For a Yeti in Mount chillad?

Searching for a Python in the desert?



Another thing


In back o beyond there are destroyed cars, Myth hunters say that they were either destroyed by Bigfoot or Leatherman, They are just  like that cannot Be repaired

Even if applied cheats, or Taken to a service station.


The guy in WCTR epsilon cult owner Chris, He talks about his cult with lazlow, His cult Can be joined, In blueberry there are certain places with Blue lights Glowing at night. If you wear Blue clothes, Blue shades, all cross tattoos, Grave Tattoos , You can join the cult, I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT.


Finding UFOS- OK those lights which you see at night are said to be Planes, To increase the movement in the sky. Or are comets. This is just to make the sky Look more better. But i don't Know if you if you have seen a Real UFO, Then i am not aware. As rock* said that we left some files hanging in side the game.


Locations to find creatures


Bigfoot- Can be found at Back O Beyond, Mount chillad, Shady creeks

Leatherface- The same

Yeti- the same(moslty on chillad)

Pigsy i dunno

Mothman- Desert, Check on top of bridges too

Aliens- Desert

Sharks- Gant bridge(In the waters of gant bridge)

Serial killer- Tierra robada

Shady creeks creature-Shady creeks


Some of them i have mentioned above

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I found something weird about the mothman. Why will R* keep a statues of it in such a place near the bridge. More weird than that is that you cant read anything what is written, Its all blur. Well i was spying on top of the Pole right above the Statue. In the morning about 2-5 there is some weird movement around in fact A plane crashed where i was standing and had a look inside the plane ( it never burst) and saw That No one was controlling it. The wheels were on Landing Gear (means tires were out) And no one in the plane. There is some thing really going on in tierra robada. And when its morning there is always a sandstorm which blocks your view. Well you guys should also join the forum and help me find out. Will be better to work as a team.

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Well, When today i was walking over Back o Beyond around 22.30, I saw movement in the bushes, The weather was raining, With heavy Fog. I went to see the movement and too see what the Movement was all about. I got HIT from behind and i died. When You die, You see your body with the camera moving. I saw something Run. When i came back to that place. around the same time. I had my Jet pack with me, Well this time nothing was suspicious. I think the requirements for seeing this beast are.


Time- 18.00 TO 6.00

Weather- Foggy and raining


And remember not TO MOVE AROUND AND KEEP ON SHOOTING. Needs peace. Another thing is To remember having the INFINITE Health cheat code activated :P.


Sam houser (Game producer) said that he kept this Monster in the game for Fun (HE DID NOT INFORM THE CO PRODUCER, SO HE DID NOT NOTICE WHAT WAS GOING ON. AND HE POSTED IT AS FALSE) (Well After when he found out that  there was a beast, They both apologized for that), So that people walking at night through that path get funny sightings and get killed. Somehow In the PS3 edition this was removed ( I DONT KNOW HOW MANY EDITIONS HAVE IT OR NOT). well In ps2 its Yet There.


Well another Thing- There is a Doll of Pigsy in the Zero ac shop.



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New news. How to find leather face


1. Go to mount chillad, Go inside the cabin and chill there for about 2 minutes or so, LOOKING AT ONE DIRECTION(don't move the camera) after some time you will hear a chainsaw. don't look out Yet. Activate the cheat Infinite health. Now Look back. Maybe you will spot leatherface, What he does is just attacks you with a chainsaw.

Well i tried this my self. I went up on chillad and left my camera hanging around for like 2 hours (Game Hours) and was Whats apping some of my friend suddenly some won with a chain saw killed me. I tried this again but i rare cases you hear the chainsaw only,


2. Go to back O beyond- Go there and activate the ( Never get Hungry cheat) and Get a camera( Real one, Real life) keep the camera in recording and leave Cj alone, Like come back after 3 hours. If you are dead check how you died. You will get something, connected to this. ( You can try this in other areas too)


3. Remember the wheel chair?. Yeah the one at the end of the pier (Made of wood). Go there, Enter the Cabin and chill there and keep a eye on the wheel chair.

You will probably see Leatherface sitting there. You try to shoot at him (Before that do take a picture and post it here, And please dont edit it) He should run behind you.


These are Places which I think have Great opportunities of finding Leatherface.


How to find?


Night time 23.00-5.00

Weather- Foggy


Special requirement- Don't not move a lot stay in one place, Move slowly.

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Now let me talk about the Spaz guy. before you start your WTF'S  and other stuff


Who is he?
A person who roams around with a shot gun. Mostly in Back O beyond. The spaz guy Can only be Seen with thermal googles ON. Well His name is Spaz which is a shotgun. So this guy is always there, he is hunting for something, But when he sees you Boom your dead. My recommendation is to always have your Infinite Health cheat code on. And a camera.


My personal experience


I was hunting for Bigfoot, Back O beyond. When i saw that i was getting shot. When i activated the cheat. Still i could see some blood coming out from the body. I could not find out where the Shots were coming from. But they were from a heavy gun. My homies were killed.( i always wander around with them as my back up)

and i was there with my mouth wide open. So i looked around where the shots were from. And noticed From the trees. I opened my Night vision googles( They are not thermal) saw i did not see a thing. I just thought to Open fire around and something spoke like. 'You cant see me" some message like passed from the wind.

After that i took my Rocket launcher and set the place on fire(Why i did this? - so i could spot the body) but unfortunately i did not see a thing


No blood patches and after that there were no Gunshots.


Weird But true. How to find the spaz guy?

Get thermal googles (from the satellite in the desert) 


Night as usual- 23.00-5.00


Place- Back O beyond

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ok lets talk about a Murmaid or so called Loch Ness Monster


They are the same only that people confuse them.


No personal experience with this


What is this?


This is a creature i think a mixture of A mermaid and a monster. I dont actually know about this. There are some claiming to have been seen a creature swimming in the water, Sea or at the Pier where the wheel chair is at. (Not the other one, Near the beach). I have never spotted any Funny movement in the water though. People say that if you fly Far away in the sea. It spawns and moves in the water. There are some Blur pictures in Google. But i have tried many times,roaming in the

sea and watching for a activity, But nothing yet.


Where to find-  FAR END IN THE Sea, or the Panopation( i think this is the location name, Where there is a wheel chair at the end of the pier. i apologize for this.)



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LoL i got a new crazy thing. Lemmings


What is a lemming?

It is just people falling from somewhere (Gta meaning).


I was chilling around the Gym and started walking in the alley, Suddenly i saw people falling from the top of a building. I have some pics of that. The Gym is in las venturas. You can see the people falling from top.


Requirements and How To


nothing is a requirement, Go to the alley, There is a small alley near the Gym. Walk in the alley and look on the tallest building there. Look below though (Its like a block space down). If you did not understand look at the pics you will know. There is nothing serious just a easter egg.


Well and These pics are not mods or editing.




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I prove the existence of Mothman as Non existence. Well there is no proof At all. You only see crap in the sky. Dots maybe. Or something. Well you see things, Maybe some Vids do show some thing being seen there and here. Well those MIGHT be bugs. I have searched for 4 hours ( Real Life). Standing and roaming Even i do see such things. But i Do not have anything to say. So I PROVE it as Unsolved. I have seen all the videos on YouTube. The Proofs Shown are Too Shady.


Well the thing about the statues is weird. No idea about that. Well if you do find out anything please post pictures here. PICTURES SHOULD NOT BE MODDED OR EDITED IN ANY WAY.

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People say there, is existence of baby dragons and dragons in the game, well i have not seen anything like that. I don't think there is anything like dragons is the game. Cause many say that they did see a dragon fly and Baby dragons behind the Vinewood sign. Well I have checked so many times, Behind there but did not find anything suspicious or movement apart from the existence of a Cane (Its a weapon) .


One thing to note. Not all myths are correct, Some are cooked up others are Just seeings (lets say you activate the Car flying cheat code, After sometime you see something Fly, It was a car but cause of its distance you now say ''I saw mothman'' ''Wow i just saw a Dragon'' '' Wow a UFO''. Such things are too misguiding and can let the user post anything on the internet. Well You have to avoid this. (that's why if you want to find out a myths existence, Please No cheats should be activated unless you know what you are doing.)

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Guys, I have an Idea for finding Bigfoot. I don't know if this idea is useless for you or not but this idea is our only hope for finding Bigfoot. If you use the Thermal Goggle in night at Back'O'Beyond or in Shady Creeks which we all know that Thermal Goggles can show Heat Signature of living things pattern, then there is 5/10 chance for you to find Bigfoot. Cause it will show the Heat Signature of him.


So it's your wish if you want to find Bigfoot in the Easy way or The Hard Way


Note : It should also find SPAZ Guy (If exists) or Leatherface. Worth a Shot!

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As much as I might want there to be, there's no Bigfoot in the vanilla game. It's been modded to hell and back and no one has found anything in the game files.


Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy myth hunting and it adds replayability to the game for you, more power to you. After all, the journey to your destination is part of the trip. :) But I'm just saying, there's no Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Leatherface, or any of these other things in the game because they would have been documented by now. All the "proof" you see is derived from modded games.

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Greetings, Ashmit76. As you have said that you heard 'broo' in the middle of the game, was this the PC version? Or the Console? If it was the Console your game had 90% chance of getting a lag (Game getting stuck due to the Disk's error or the Console) therefore the game does such obnoxious acts. However would you mind giving me a better description about the area? I'd love to look into it.  

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I got a lead in search for Bigsmoke(Ghost). He is located in his factory (The crack). There is this area where by a bulb flikers, go over to that place and create havoc(Destroy boxes) Then use your sharp eyes to locate shadow movements. It's always there.


How to:


- Basically go over to the factory at night (I just assume its the best time)

- Don't apply any cheats (Again, I just assume that by doing that you will receive the best results)

- Remember while in the process of creating havoc, keep on darting around that pillar.

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