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GTA details and supposed leaks **SPOILERS!**


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Rockstar are issuing a stern warning about leaks and links to leaks on the Newswire and Social Club areas, offering a ban that will last well past the release of GTA V, so we hopefully can incur no such wrath posting comments about such things on fan based sites such as this. I offer the same discussions on GTAC, BTW


Anyway, a user who seems to have some insight to share posted this about 2 days back when I last posted comments on Newswire.


Normally I don't look that far back in the archive as it takes some time with the very active content ratio on Newswire, but I did in this case...

The following was posted 24 hrs ago (give or take....)

- 6 main heists;

- Mission(-s), in which you will need to use torture to extract information;
- There will not be complete, all-sufficient missions under water, but many heists will be connected to it. You can use the underwater world for escaping from arrest.
- Police can swim.


- More than 20+ types of masks for the heists;
- If the police will see you in masks with guns, they'll arrest you. When you take off the mask, you're no longer recognized by police or pedestrians.
For example, if you wear a mask, pedestrians will start to panic, to be afraid, to call the police, and even take pictures with their cameras.
When you take off your mask, they'll continue to panic, but they no longer recognize you.

- Some of the heists are so difficult that you have to seek help from mercenaries. Some of the mercenaries are: goon, sniper, hacker, pickpocket.


- Secondary activities: golf, shooting, triathlon, jumps with parachute, ROPEJUMPING(new), tennis, hunting, underwater hunting , hunting for criminals, armwrestling, yoga.

- You can improve your skills in yoga and at some point you can even have a class where you'll teach other people.

- You can pay 2$ and take a tour of the richest places of this mysterious city.

- You can buy a prostitute on the road.

- You can order a lap dance at a strip club.

- You can go into the woods on a trailer, taking the necessary camouflage and weapons and check your hunting skills. But remember that you're not alone. There are robbers, murderers, drug addicts who'll bring you problems.


Wild World

- Very huge amount of animals.
- In the wild: deer, rabbits, squirrels, mountain goats.
- In the countryside - animals of rural type.

- You'll not be able to defeat bear and lynx barehanded.
- Pumas, coyotes, wolves, turtles.
- Working ecosystem. Animals prey on each other. Animals not only on the ground, but in the sky and under water as well.

- When you jump with a parachute, you can see flocks of birds.
- Sharks get in packs.
- You'll not be able to defeat a shark with a knife only. You'll not be able to shoot under water using ordinary assault rifle.
- Sharks attack not only you, but other people as well.

- In the underwater world you can find sunken ships, planes, containers, cars, sunken oil rigs and even 12-storey plant.
- You can't go fishing in GTA V. Only pedestrians can.
- Rats in the dirty parts of the city.
- Dog customization.

Weapon Customization

-Sniper, collimator sight, additional handles, flashlights, laser pointer, silencer, extended magazine, changing of colors

Car Customization

- More than 200+ vehicles. Including, four-engine bombers, bikes, sportcars, trailers, tank.

- More than 1000+ customization options.

Character customization:

- More than 30+ types of clothes.
- Accessories: watches, chains, bracelets.
- Tatoos.
- More than 15+ hairstyles.



Island Bolt posted this and it's at least grounds for more specific GTA V features discussion, what are your feelings about this attributes, and are they good or bad? Likely or not?

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I've read it, these pertain more to stuff that we will find in the game world, like animals ect. They are not related to the recent leaks from the pre-load. Actually we have know about some of these for a while, but some people would rather not know about it I guess.

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I've stuck with official word now that Rockstar are actually forthcoming with information, but they weren't for about 2 years of silence, and just swirling rumor. I'd been banned from GTAForums in 2012, but since then Rockstar have started issuing more updates, more frequently. Much more then in the past.


I don't see why people want to spoil the experience before actual hands on gameplay, it just doesn't add up other then wanting some sort of claim to fame for finding unseen info that's not via official channels, hense the hacking of assets on PSN


@Sherman, I had two tabs open, one from the live Newswire and I cut and pasted those additions into my post in two sections, they plopped down as formatted when changing webpage HTMLs

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