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Where to you meet Packie in GTA 5?


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Actually you need him on the first heist, not after, do the random events that pop up all around the map, these are rewarded in decision making if you return stolen money or items in at least one case I observed, much like they appeared in RDR gameplay, these are unique open world events as listed in GTA spec, but Rockstar decided to make them more constructive adding to characters you can use in planning the main thefts.


At the time this was asked, I wasn't that far along, but I'm working on getting nearer to completion now

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You don't need him as a choice in the optional setup, but I meant how he comes into play in that regard, don't take things so literally, it's not actually meant to read in the manner you suggest.


A better choice of words is always available, but don't always pop into my head at the time. The options for doing key missions is a new construct for GTA, with "Five", I think the idea might have evolved from Lost and the Damned DL expansion actually, where your Lost gangs were various NPCs and could be lost in use. If you go back further, the gang recruit NPC system of the original San Andreas is the origin I believe we see now in "5"

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