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  1. Flying back to LS from Las Venturas next Wednesday!

  2. Poppy_Mitchell

    Anything Hidden

    I heard there's a cult under chilliad mountain that kills young people! My bodyguards would kick their ass!
  3. Poppy_Mitchell

    Petition Rockstar!

    I love epsilonism! Nvr actually joind the program but Cris Formage and I are very close
  4. Poppy_Mitchell

    Where to you meet Packie in GTA 5?

    Oh, are you referring to Patrick McReary? I remember him! Such a cutie! They said we wouldn't click cos he had a small
  5. Maybe I should release an album?

  6. Just signed a movie deal with Richards Majestic.

  7. You all kno u'd b me if u cud b a celeb. Chow!
  8. OMG! I'm almost 25! Next year! Maybe I should think of retiring. Or just y'know cleaning up my image...

  9. Poppy_Mitchell

    When meeting Trevor..

    Lol, who's Trevor? I heard of a Sicko up in Sandy shores who robbed banks and stuff think that was his name too. OMG I need to report this to the LSPD!
  10. Poppy_Mitchell

    Fun Ride

    Lol! The boys down at maisonette 9 used to call me a 'fun ride'!
  11. Poppy_Mitchell

    LifeInvader.com Launches

    Stalk me @xPoppyMx!
  12. Poppy_Mitchell

    gta iv episodes

  13. Poppy_Mitchell

    GTA Online Players to Receive GTA$500,000 for Free

    500k's nothing. I like, make tripple that per hour! Lol!
  14. Poppy_Mitchell

    Faces and the Names

    Heyya! Poppy M here! Check me up in the Nightclubs if ure ever in LS! If ure special or a cutie u might even get a personal invite to one of my house parties!
  15. Cozy up next to ur bf wearing my fragrance, CaCa!

  16. Agents talking to the producers of Fame Or Shame. Could be becoming a judge, or a guest judge.

  17. Poppy_Mitchell

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    Ya can alwys visit my crib up in Vinewood hills. Unless your a weirdo. Or poor. Or a creep.
  18. Poppy_Mitchell

    Where can you find Adder Vehicle?

    I've got an adder in my private garage!
  19. Poppy_Mitchell

    Fun Facts 'Bout Five

    Here's some news: I'm filming my new movie on set! Expected 2014 release!
  20. Poppy_Mitchell

    Franklin's a loner?

    Eww! He deserves to be lonely fr videoing me doing yoga then editting it to make it look like a disgusting sex tape!
  21. Poppy_Mitchell

    Insuring your cars

    My management insured my pink cognescenti cabrio. Not that anyone would want to ruin it or anything... xXx
  22. Hey, shooting a new film on location! xxx