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GTA V save game? Anyone?


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I'm pretty sure the xbox and ps3 save files are user id and console id locked, meaning if you dropped it into your folder it wont work. Please don't ask for saves, and also if you keep losing a mission Rockstar will let you skip the missions.  So just fail like 10 times every mission, lol.

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Skip the missions takes the fun out of life, dontcha think?? Besides, you posted some spoilers for those who haven't finished, I still am using Franklin to get around GTA V, Since I moved over to my PS3 and have yet to get GTA V for it, but I had to run my battery of tests upon repairing it.

That said, in the old days at GTAForums, former members were allowing a great deal of help completing game saves, etc. YouTube can help simply for ideas to get past challenging missions one at a time, I'm thankful for YouTube help videos plenty of times

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