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Growing Pains (ITA)

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It's a PITA according to many online users who wound up waiting nearly a day and couldn't get on, or had issues other then just wondering where this great online Los Santos was in fact?? Well, I put in some comments on Newswire because I think cursing and swearing to Rockstar is akin to biting the hand that feeds, and cool heads shall prevail. Respect the Rockstar Team to take this stuff seriously, they're not about to Cut And Run as some seem to think.


Here's a user's comments I wholeheartedly agree with, what say you guys? Been trying to get it working? As of a few minutes ago, the Sony side servers were mentioned via Twitter to be working again, so for PSN and Sony players, the GTAO seems to be having more issues then the Xbox XBL side of things.


I couldn't agree more with this users' comments;



What a lot of you people don't understand is, Rockstar Didn't really hire Tens of Millions of people to REALLY test the Servers. TRUST ME, i'm as anxious as the rest of you BUT! Being a TRUE Grand Theft Auto Fan (For 16 Years) I know that they are about delivering QUALITY and if it takes some extra Hours, Days, s**t, even weeks, I have no problem waiting.

PICTURE THIS: 20 Million People Bum Rushing the Servers at once, which could make it harder when patching things and fixing bugs, remember, it still has to be test driven by MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Lets be Realistic here people, Grand Theft Auto Online is the FIRST Of its kind and Rockstar Only wants us to have the DOPEST Experience. This is Coming From A 22 Year Old Music Producer/Film Maker So I know the Exact Stress Test When It Comes To Reaching Deadlines. Do You Want An AMAZING Online Experience? Or an Okay One?

Lets have some patience and a little more Respect to Rockstar I mean, We're all here for the SAME Reason and that Reason is about the Cutting Edge Game they brought to The World. 

So Brace Yourselves people, The Best Online Gaming Experience is Upon Us!
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It seems to me, in my experiences so far with GTAIV's online world, that a (majority?) of the people on there are...how can I be politically correct? I'll just say it. Immature children. This because even more obvious to me when I tried to participate in GTAForums in the weeks leading up to the game, and the time since its launch. I've been playing the game inside and out from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, and I've learned quite a few little tips & tricks that I like to share with others. But I can't ever go back to my threads, because they're all nothing but troll comments. So I'm leaving that place, and will hopefully find a new home here, troll-permitting I guess. I've already read a good number of threads here (including several from you, Mr Blacklisted), and they seem to be troll-free. :)


So because the demographic for GTA seems to point toward a much younger (and thus, less-mature) crowd, I don't expect them to understand what's really going on. I'm not that much older myself, I'm 22, but I've been working with my step-brother for the past year and a half in building and maintaining a somewhat large-scale TV/Movie-streaming website, that requires constant attention.


And in doing so, I've picked up a few things:


* Nothing is guaranteed - especially access to something. Even if you've paid a one-time fee to access certain content, that itself cannot financially support a service that operates for free, that could theoretically operate for many years.


* Sys Admins can't see into the future. All that crying about "they should have been prepared"... it's like the person you quoted said: "Rockstar Didn't really hire Tens of Millions of people to REALLY test the Servers" - there's no way to see what's gonna happen with absolute certainty, until it's put to FULL use.


* You paid for what is IN YOUR HAND. When I paid my sixty bucks for the game (okay, my brother actually bought the game, but you know what I mean!) it means I paid for the disc, the map, the instruction leaflet, and the plastic box. That's all I paid for and bought, that's all I was entitled to, and that's all I was guaranteed to get. A one-time fee, for a one-time product. Anything given to me after this for free, is an added bonus. That especially includes GTAO. If someone bought the disc under the assumption that GTAO was guaranteed to them, then that's on them. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything in Rockstar's Terms of Use that explicitly guarantees them access to their servers! They couldn't. There's no way they could guarantee access to their servers, lets say, 20 years from now, and it would be unrealistic for them to offer that kind of guarantee. In the case of my brother's website (I won't say the name, so I don't come off as spamming/plugging/etc), the Terms of Use specifically says any kind of payment they make for access to the site is for access to the site only at times when the site is accessible. That doesn't mean the site often goes down, but it's a C.Y.A. loophole in case it ever does, either temporarily or permanently. I would guess Rockstar has something similar in place.


As for me, I haven't even installed the update yet. I heard a rumor that it interrupted single-player operation, and a couple posts said it wouldn't even load. So I'm gonna wait till I finish the game (doing the last mission now!) until I even attempt it. And even then, I might play through again, see if I can make a little more single-player money (knowing what I know now, could help me make better investments next time around!) So I feel like maybe I'm doing my part to help one other person get in...one person who's just screaming like a toddler to get in, like I've been seeing on GTAForums, one person who really needs it worse than I do. I'm just gonna go on there to free-roam anyway, if it lets me -- at first anyway.


Oh yeah, if ya want, friend me on PSN: LaurieX - maybe someday I'll get around to joining a crew, if I can find one with adults. :)


Almost forgot, the reason I started this reply, I wanted to share something I found on GTAForums, entitled "An Analogy for the Complainers", that summed up what we've been saying perfectly:



Meet Todd.  Todd is the owner of a popular franchise of movie theaters.  People love Todd's theater chain because they tend to show a lot of content that most other movie theaters are afraid of.  


Todd has invented a new business model for a theater complex that will allow visitors to engage in watching movies in a much more social and imaginative way.  Furthermore, he intends to offer entrance to the theaters at no cost to people who have been long time patrons of his theater franchise!  


Each movie screen in his franchise can accommodate hundreds of viewers, but each screen represents an investment in very complicated and expensive hardware.  Even though entrance to the screen is free, he hopes to offset the tremendous cost of each screen (as well as the significant upkeep and other recurring costs) with money spent by viewers on popcorn, candy, sodas -- you know, "extras".


Here's the problem...  Todd knows from past experience that at any given time, there will be 5000 people who want to watch movies at his theater.  If each screen can handle 500 people, he knows he will need exactly 10 screens.  However, he also realizes that at peak hours or on special occasions, there may be many more people than on a regular day -- so Todd smartly plans to purchase and build 5 additional movie screens.


Because his new business model is so innovative and heretofore unavailable to anyone ever, he anticipates that everybody in the entire world will want to come to his theater on the day it opens.  Remembering that each screen represents a huge investment in money, time, and other resources (and that there will be no money coming in except in the form of micro-transactions), he is faced with two options. 


Should Todd:


a) build 15 screens -- more than enough to handle daily viewership even on a busy day -- knowing full well that on opening day, he'll have to turn a LOT of people away.  He anticipates that the normal income on micro-transactions SHOULD be enough to cover the ongoing costs of 15 screens...


b ) build enough screens so that on opening day, every person in the entire world can find a seat in his theater...


What do you think?

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Detail which system you're on just to help people figure this out, Rockstar should be making progress reports. I'll admit, I'm resigned to give it time to be corrected, in the long run, Online should always have people using it, even when the games themselves are becoming old with any new game that supersedes it.


GTAOnline is at least extolled as a new re-working for GTA online using all the year's work going into making GTA V, whether it's single player campaign or not is beside the point in regard to the work of making the map and populating it, instead of using primarily AI Peds or NPCs as we also call them, the online Aspect allows you to inhabit what would be those characters. Even Uncharted's attempt to adopt Multiplayer coming from the exceptional team at Naughty Dog was not a instant classic coming off the gate, and the more ambitious, the more growing pains are to be expected.


Some might say we're excusing Rockstar or anyone else for bad mistakes or misjudgments, and while it may feel that way, I don't think that's fair to say either

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^^ As pointed out in my more recent thread about GTAO, These topics do tend to touch on the same subject, if staff want to merge them somehow effectively, or lock this, and link it from within the other, for example, I don't really have a problem with that. I guess I forgot at the time, it happens.



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To their credit, R* ks working to straighten out the problems, after 3 days I finally got past the first race

(Lamar's Emporor looked good in my rearview),


Having said that.....


As I understand GTAO uses Cloud servers to save the game instead of the user's console - Your save is

litterly someplace else.  Considering R*'s past successes they should have expected a lot of players & saved

the server capacity for gameplay.  The same could be said for putting solo mode data on your console.  Yes, 

that would put it closer to punk hackers being able to crack it, but by the time thet've figured out how to do a

lag hack,  pop shot or aimbot (Who hasn't run into these online) they probably know how to capture incomming

data & get it anyway.  Putting these 2 things directly on the player's consoles would solve a lot of problems.


For those who haven't caught it yet, R* is talking about a way to compensate playersfor lost charachters, EXP

money, etc.  My current GTAO stats show about the right total so the data is probably burie in the cloud save

somewhere (granted that's 1 good thing about the cloud) so just night be able to do it.

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Latest message from Rockstar says to avoid the cloud, that saving from SP mode is the way to go for now, but they are still plugging away to fix all issues that get reported. Remember, I say this generally to anyone who's upset.... it's understandable, but Rockstar don't have unlimited numbers of people working for them, and they're also notoriously secret about their inner workings, so the nuts and bolts aren't going to be public knowledge. Most of us just want to relate what we hope and expect, which is why the forums exist for the game. Just remember patience is required, and keeping a cool head never hurts

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