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    This kid ages fast. He grew three years between this thread, and this one: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/28490-looking-for-military-crew-to-join/ Age has nothing to do with intelligence. Plenty of 13 year olds (or 16, depending on which reply you made was truthful) who can walk "tech smarty" circles around anyone else. And 50 year olds who can't. Seeing as how in the previous thread, a person asked for a "military crew to join", and you answered "yes, I'll join yours", I'm guessing you don't even read past the subject line, so I'm inclined you didn't read a single word of his BL's post either. "People say gta v shit game don't buy" Oh, you know what, your friends are right. Its a garbage game, it doesn't work on anyone's PS3, definitely don't buy it. But no doubt you won't read this anyway, with the attention span of a tree slug that you've shown, you've already moved on to something more "your level", like Modern Warfare, or whatever toddlers are playing these days.
  2. What's the address of the forum? I'll copy/paste your post to him with the address and see what he comes up with. Our site (his, but I help enough that I consider it mine too!) had the same problem when it first opened.
  3. Myself, I'd prefer to see them expand on what's out now... I mean reeeeally expand. I'd like to take a plane out over the water, and have somewhere to land - somewhere that's not already visible to the eye as soon as you take off. At the very least, fingers are crossed they decide to "plug in" the existing Liberty City islands, somewhere way off the coast (realistically, I'd put it to the northeast.) As far as this crap goes, I would not only be wary of these so-called leaked images, but also of the person who posted them. No specific reason, just a feeling I got after reading his one other post. "City of Paradise" = we're too dumb to think of a name for the city, and it's too soon to add another roman numeral to the end, so let's just go with Bob the break-room janitor's idea so we can go home.
  4. My aching eyes thought you said Amanda's a hooker. (Sitting too close to the TV for 16 straight hours a day.) I was gonna say, no, she use to be, but gave it all up to be a bank robber's wife. Does Part II of this thread mean you've progressed any further? I still never found an answer to my previous question. I'm sure it's on Google somewhere, but my skills have been waning as of late.
  5. The best way to 100% block these kinds of registrations usually require some custom programming. My brother's website had the same problem when it was first opened, and the months that followed, but have since been 100% eliminated. From what I understand, he built what he called a signup gateway, that does all sorts of checks and balances, and adds the user to the database, then block registrations through the forum's signup page. If things get bad I can give the TGP's (is that the acronym you guys use for this place?) admin his email address, to share notes..
  6. Wow, apparently I can't edit my above post (again). Hmm! Perhaps I can only edit my most recent post? A quick addendum I just remembered, regarding Quick Save. It seems like reloading a quick-save and finding your vehicle gone seems to happen more often when you don't quick-save while in the road, but even then, there's a chance it might not really be gone! I quick-saved as Michael in the driveway of the country club, right before I purchased it. I was driving a tricked-out Cheetah. I only reloaded once, only to find my car was gone. I wrote it off, made a quick investment to recoup my losses (investing 1.2 billion into any stock can bring a one- to two-million dollar profit.) I hadn't gotten around to buying another Cheetah, being miffed at losing the first one... and by chance, many days later, I checked the Police Impound just to see what was there, and oh look...there's my Cheetah! Still a bit confused as to how the Impound works...how it decides which cars go in there, when, and how many it saves, what it does when it reaches the total's limit..
  7. Maybe it's just me, I kinda thought the Sandking shoulda been Trevor's personal vehicle... or at least have him switch to it when he started makin' good money. A step further, would have also liked to have been able to set a purchased vehicle as their personal, since personals are really the only vehicles that can't get lost...but I digress, as to not turn this into one of "those" kinds of threads.
  8. LOVED this! Knew stuff like this existed, but didn't really know how to search for it. Would love to see the storyline written out in text...I'd have a better idea of what was goin on, instead of just letting my own imagination create the storyline...if ya know what I mean. I've been wanting for years to write some kinda cheesy short-novel based on San Andreas...now I get to write one for the HD San Andreas
  9. LaurieX

    First car?

    I guess my first vehicle was a Rancher, that I magically took over while running from a bank in North Dakota...err yeah, I mean North Yankton. I guess my first voluntary vehicle was whatever was parked behind Simeon's dealership at the end of the first mission. Wasn't that Franklin's Buffalo? Parked next to some other random vehicle. But that was just convenience. I didn't know at the time that that was actually HIS car. My second vehicle was the Dominator (I loooove Mustangs...) I'm kinda glad not all the cars got makeovers. It's more like real life....I guess unless you live in the real Beverly Hills/Hollywood, where none of the cars on the road are more than 2 years old (unless they're six-figure vintage classics.) I couldn't really tell, but I'm sure they at least updated the textures from the ported vehicles. If I thought about it for a bit, I'm sure I could think of some 3D-Universe San Andreas vehicles I would've loved to have had in GTAV - Having new & old versions of cars side by side on the road would've been awesome... I really liked the design of the Infernus in the old San Andreas, and would love to have seen that one recreated for GTAV....maybe set the display name to " '92 Infernus "... Oh! And the Balla's Buick Regal and Monte Carlo... ohhhh and the Slamvan!
  10. You can fly anything in the airport except for the two-engine commercial jets (Boeing 737s), which are apparently immoveable scenery. For the big jumbos, just stand underneath it, right behind the nose gear, and press the enter vehicle button I had a feeling something like this might be easier to coordinate in GTAO, but my very short experience in GTAO absolutely did not leave me wanting more. I was unable to complete the tutorial, as I was gunned down, run down, beaten down, chewed up, spit out, over and over before I came anywhere near completing it. I promptly returned to Single Player where I was able to once again assume my role as Queen of Los Santos. Might try again later, when my self-esteem is rebuilt. I've saved my own skin as well with this numerous times, sometimes keeping several save slots, to go "back in time" to various points....but this isn't 100% reliable in the way you describe it. There are times when reloading that particular save 5 or 6 times will cause a few minor pieces of data to get left out...in some cases, the vehicle you were in. I've gone back to a previous quick-saved game in which I was waaaay up in a plane, only to find my plane was gone, leaving a Free-Falling Franklin to either enter the Invincibility cheat code before eating dirt, or spend the $5,000 to respawn. Other times I'd reload only to find Trevor eating from a trash can, Michael pretending to be uninterested in the prostitutes' advances, or Franklin washing his car. To avoid this, I'll try and re-quick-save after every couple of reloads...but only if I'm in a vehicle I really don't want to lose; otherwise I don't really care where I end up.
  11. (If there's a tips & tricks section here, feel free to move this! This didn't really fall under 'Gameplay') For many years I've had this recurring dream of planes falling out of the sky, huge commercial airliners, crashing just far enough away from me that it doesn't kill me. And after messing around a little, I actually lived it! In GTA Land, anyway. The outcome: Watch a 747 (for more awe-inspiring results) come straight at your character, and crash really close to you (or ON you, if your aim is good!) Steps to reproduce: I put Michael up in a 747 (can be easily grabbed from the airport once your character has purchased a hangar there), and put him up in the air over Los Santos. Then switched to Franklin, who was, during the 12 or so times I tried this, either at the beach doing pullups, or at home in the hills washing his car. While Michael's plane is sorta hanging in a suspended state, I had Franky get on his bike and rude up to the Vinewood sign (anywhere open is fine). I took the 'spine' of the hills and ended up under the 'N' of the sign. Have Franklin get out of his car, and aim his view south, toward the city. Switch back to Michael, who apparently hasnt moved in all that time, and make a bee-line for the 'N' of the Vinewood sign. When you get close enough, you can switch back to Franklin. But thing is, Michael's plane has to be REALLY close to Franklin for this to work. If Mike's still too far away, you'll see the big 747 flash for a split second. (Unless you're still REALLY far away). Yeah, point is, Mikey's plane has to be maybe 100 feet away before you switch to Frank. That'll be just enough time to either see the plane crash in front of you, ON you, or fly right over your head and crash behind you. Aiming that huge sucker's a bit tricky, because you'll need to adjust the plane's altitude each time ya switch to it....like in my case, I needed to aim the plane down to the ground. But every time I switched back to the plane, it was leveled again. So standing on the side of a hill helped a lot, since I could fly the plane into the dirt without nosing down. Anyway, I thought this was kinda neat, so figured I'd share. I've been having fun trying to find different ways to make the protags interact (in ways they werent meant to) Also, the plane and the characters you use are optional.
  12. For those who haven't finished the game, you *might* be able to grab one by keeping an empty space in Michael's house garage before starting the mission 'Meltdown', about 80% through the main storyline. Without giving anything away, you'll find at least two of these trucks parked in front of Michael's garage at one point. Just get out of your car, and drive one into the garage. I've never tried this because I never really wanted it, but I can't see any reason it wouldn't work. You do have to do this pretty quickly though, but you can always fail the mission, don't retry it, and it should still be in your garage at that point.
  13. For the getaway driver, it always happens in the same location, so long as you know it's gonna happen, you can find a fast four-door car to go there with...like the Buffalo, Sultan, or Exemplar. Can't find one? There's a Mesa (Jeep) right there. No idea why those fools didn't just grab it themselves. You'll want to do this one somewhat early in the game, as one of them (a hot-headed Irish throwback from GTAIV) can be used as a crew member. Tips, hmm. There are 4 or 5 people who want a ride somewhere. Hitchhikers. These are best handled by Trevor. I won't say why, but you can give them an alternate destination for more money. If needed, just mentally mark the spot you found the hitchhiker, then reload your last save and go back as Trevor. A big 4x4 is recommended for the long journey to that alternate destination. A camper van ("BF Surfer") sittin out in the middle of nowhere (Senora desert, same thing), at night, headlights on, doors open. I read that this was a rare event. Park kinda far away from it, then creep up with your gun out. Or...don't, if ya wanna see what happens. Not sure what you lose on this, but you don't gain anything. The "Stock Tip" random event: Pick up a guy on the whatsitcalled, Ocean Highway, directly west of the Kortz center. He needs a ride to the airport, like FAST. So have a fast car ready. But before you event start it, have all three of your characters invest in Tinkle. That's the stock tip he'll give, and by investing in it before you start, you'll be able to soak up every penny. I think it only climbs to like 30%. The $100k Animal Ark stock random event: Probably the absolute most profitable event. I'm not real sure how to make this happens. You save his bicycle from getting stolen (or return it after it's stolen) - he says, "oh man, you saved my bike AGAIN". I don't remember retrieving a stolen bicycle before, but he might have had a motorcycle the first time. Anyway, you might not need to do both of them... but just in case, the motorcycle one is on N. Rockford Drive, just a few blocks northwest of the driveway that leads to the Kortz Center. But again, you might not need to do this one. I would, just in case. The second occurrence, if these two are in fact linked, happens on Little Bighorn Ave, between Carson Ave & Macdonald Street. Do these two in order, and a few game-days later you should get an email that starts off "Don't delete! This isn't spam!" - he'll give you $100k in stocks, which you can sell immediately because they never seem to go up. It's easy money that you can get at the beginning of the game if you want to - that's usually when people need it the most. "Hey! He stole my wallet/purse!" - Easy $500 if you don't return it, an easy $50 if you have a conscience and can't convince yourself it's just a video game. Other than maybe feeling a little guilty about it, there are no actual repercussions for doing this. I'll post more if people take an interest in this..
  14. Given the nature of this thread, this entire reply is a spoiler. And as a side-note, I know we gotta "respect the spoiler tags" and whatnot, but I don't feel sorry one bit for someone who hasn't played the game yet coming to these forums. They know the game is out, and they should very well already know that these forums are FULL of people doing nothing but talking about the game. I got a few bits spoiled for myself when I came to the GTA forums knowing full well the game had been leaked. That was 100% my fault, just as it's theirs. But some people just like to finger-point. You know what they say, when you point a finger at me, you have three more pointing back at yourself.
  15. When I first found out there would be a military base and a prison in V, I thought for sure there would be some "intentional" method to allow us to access it...either "legally", or by deception. I'm a bit disappointed to see that the only time the storyline puts us inside the military base is through the old "smash-and-grab" technique. And the prison? Well hell, they didn't use that at all. Unless it's used in GTAO, which I haven't tried yet. When I first heard about Brad being in prison, I thought ooh, an old-fashioned prison break. But the lack of using these painstakingly-built structures is a whole other issue. I never used the metal detectors for that purpose, but I get the idea. I haven't had any issue with losing weapons or ammo... any mission that removes my personal arsenal always seems to give it all back one way or another. Aside from that, I always save before doing *anything*, so if I do or get busted (never been busted yet), I would just reload the save. And never really liked the idea of the game giving us the cool toys when we no longer need them. If we're on the subject of old Vice City throwbacks, I would've loved to have seen some more RC toys.
  16. This was probably already mentioned, but for the few who don't know about it yet... a little while after you gain access to Trevor, there's a Stranger mission near Trevor's trailer in which Cletus wants you to go shoot stuff with him. Start it, then walk away. You can get into the military base, airport, prison, etc, with no stars. If you've progressed far enough to gain access to the Sandy Shores hangar/helipad, you can walk right into the military base like you own it (haha), take anything you want, bring it back and store it. Leave that side-mission unfinished to gain uninhibited access to these areas any time during the storyline. First, might wanna read up on some kinda glitch involving storing the fighter jet at the Sandy Shores hangar. I didn't really understand it, but I haven't experienced it either. Might even be fixed by now.
  17. I think the people who argued that "a 48 [roughly, Townley's headstone said 1965...or were they referring to Trevor?] year old guy on a BMX" didn't fit were thinking narrow-mindedly there. CJ didn't really fit in the cockpit of a Shamal, as the storyline placed him...twice. Not that I'm racist, but I don't see very many young black guys from the hood with a pilot's license. I didn't really see Luis Lopez driving a golf cart either. But I guess the point of GTA is to do/see things that you wouldn't normally do/see, right? I mean, while keeping within a somewhat "plausible" reality that all GTAs are based in. So these character/vehicle pair-ups I mentioned were forced together by the storyline. However, I don't recall any of the V characters being forced onto a BMX by the storyline. If it was done, it was done by the player's choice. And then they go and complain that they had the ability to do it. But I really don't pay much attention to other people's opinions. I have this strange, uncanny ability to form my own! I don't mind hearing other people's thoughts, constructive viewpoints, but any opinion that contains the pseudo-word "sux", my brain puts on permanent ignore. So the three characters. I never had a negative opinion on it. I knew I was in good hands with Rockstar, and they don't exactly have a reputation of producing garbage. So I looked forward to it. I know it wouldn't quite be the same, but it would be like playing GTAIV, TBoGT and TLaD simultaneously. (Google: "The Possible Trinity".) Only difference being that the three protags rarely ever had contact with each other. Having three protags opened up a new dynamic, with new possibilities. More new things to try, and a whole new bunch of "I wonder what would happen if I made em do THIS?" like, letting Trevor into Michael's house by having Mikey hold the door open for him. But what I wonder is... how many people actually chose their own MAIN protagonist? I'm not sure why, but I chose Mike. But not on purpose. When I think about things in my head, I think of them as "Me, Trevor and Franklin". Just caught myself doing that one day, and made me realize that I guess I relate to Michael's way of thinking, or maybe way of life, more so than the others. I'm not black a black kid from the ghetto, nor am I a tweaking hillbilly... but the game didn't have an intelligent young brunette from a broken home, so Michael became the closest thing. I would love to see more outside-the-box stuff like this from Rockstar. BUT, not sooo outside the box that they turn into Saints Row IV (just...wow), but still staying inside a more or less "real-world" environment. And that's just my $0.02.
  18. Seems a little too soon to even start thinking about "GTA 6". There's still so much room for improvement and expansion with their current "baby". Its much less work for them to build on their current game, and make more money from it, than to start fresh. And using EfLC as an example, the box will still have the same price tag on it. It took considerably less work to create EfLC, since they didn't have to create a new city from scratch. Oh crap, this kinda went off topic huh? Well, I guess my point was, there's still more they can create for GTAV - not just building interiors, new vehicles, new islands off the coast (fingers crossed for the rumored LC addin!), weapons, clothing, car mods, but even a whole new storyline, with new characters, missions, etc...like "Stories of Los Santos" slash "Tales of Blaine County" (hehe), and production time would be cut in half by having them using only a slightly-modded Southern San Andreas, giving us a new game to play with (or two, as in EfLC) in half the time. Keeping all this in mind, I would rather they leave the idea of a GTA6 on a back-room drawing board for a good while, until every possibility with V has been exhausted, and Rockstar's milked every dime from us they can, NOT that I'm complaining! Its a business, and money is what keeps them providing us with new versions of the greatest game series ever created... (yeah, call me a fan girl, I wont deny it!)
  19. I kinda got spoiled on this before I started the game. I had heard Johnny K was gonna be in it, but only heard they made him an incredibly huge [insert female anatomy here]. I either didn't believe it, or I thought they embellished it. I thought, no way Rockstar would do that to any past protagonist. They've practically immortalized Claude, Tommy, CJ and Niko. I guess the writers just didn't have much respect for a leather-clad biker with principles?
  20. I'm one of the few who could live without it. Still too much fun to be had in SP. Aside from that, I'm not very good in MP. I've spent all my GTAIV MP time in free-roam, usually riding shotgun with kids who just want a set of boobs to ride with em. I wasn't around for the launch of GTAIV or its MP. Was it anything like this? It seems too simplistic in nature to really cause that much trouble. But I'm glad to hear they're on top of this, and not doing what certain other game developers do (ahem, Zynga), like piling on more new glitched stuff to distract people from the old glitched stuff. At the very least, it seems they're fixing a bunch of SP bugs with their GTAO updates.
  21. Is this the only dinghy in the game? None that spawn elsewhere, perhaps with scuba gear? I've been around the block (hah) and haven't seen another one, but could be one hidden somewhere I haven't been. Love the idea of lets say, "Vehicle Pack" DLCs. Like some of those rides we left back in Liberty City, or even some of the better ones from the old San Andreas. (Vortex!) I would love to see some DLCs roll out soon, any DLCs at all, but I know they're busy right now with the spaghetti entanglement that is GTAO. An unsubstantiated rumor was they were thinking about adding the islands (burroughs?) of LC into the game as one huuuuge DLC, I dunno, like, off the coast somewhere. I'd love to have some far away place to fly to. I could actually think of better places to fly off to from Los Santos, like a little Hawaii, some 15 miles off the west coast? But LC would be more feasible since it's already been created.
  22. I did all three, but there's only one you're "suppose" to take. Its the hardest one, and the one that doesn't result in losing any protagonists. Since the subject line already has a spoiler tag, guess I can say: The Big Score money is divided between Michael and Franklin if Trevor dies, but if Michael dies, his money goes to his family. But in Deathwish, everyone gets paid. You really don't want to lose any characters, because you'll lose everything they had access to. It's still fun to play all three scenarios, but save after doing Deathwish.
  23. It seems to me, in my experiences so far with GTAIV's online world, that a (majority?) of the people on there are...how can I be politically correct? I'll just say it. Immature children. This because even more obvious to me when I tried to participate in GTAForums in the weeks leading up to the game, and the time since its launch. I've been playing the game inside and out from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, and I've learned quite a few little tips & tricks that I like to share with others. But I can't ever go back to my threads, because they're all nothing but troll comments. So I'm leaving that place, and will hopefully find a new home here, troll-permitting I guess. I've already read a good number of threads here (including several from you, Mr Blacklisted), and they seem to be troll-free. So because the demographic for GTA seems to point toward a much younger (and thus, less-mature) crowd, I don't expect them to understand what's really going on. I'm not that much older myself, I'm 22, but I've been working with my step-brother for the past year and a half in building and maintaining a somewhat large-scale TV/Movie-streaming website, that requires constant attention. And in doing so, I've picked up a few things: * Nothing is guaranteed - especially access to something. Even if you've paid a one-time fee to access certain content, that itself cannot financially support a service that operates for free, that could theoretically operate for many years. * Sys Admins can't see into the future. All that crying about "they should have been prepared"... it's like the person you quoted said: "Rockstar Didn't really hire Tens of Millions of people to REALLY test the Servers" - there's no way to see what's gonna happen with absolute certainty, until it's put to FULL use. * You paid for what is IN YOUR HAND. When I paid my sixty bucks for the game (okay, my brother actually bought the game, but you know what I mean!) it means I paid for the disc, the map, the instruction leaflet, and the plastic box. That's all I paid for and bought, that's all I was entitled to, and that's all I was guaranteed to get. A one-time fee, for a one-time product. Anything given to me after this for free, is an added bonus. That especially includes GTAO. If someone bought the disc under the assumption that GTAO was guaranteed to them, then that's on them. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything in Rockstar's Terms of Use that explicitly guarantees them access to their servers! They couldn't. There's no way they could guarantee access to their servers, lets say, 20 years from now, and it would be unrealistic for them to offer that kind of guarantee. In the case of my brother's website (I won't say the name, so I don't come off as spamming/plugging/etc), the Terms of Use specifically says any kind of payment they make for access to the site is for access to the site only at times when the site is accessible. That doesn't mean the site often goes down, but it's a C.Y.A. loophole in case it ever does, either temporarily or permanently. I would guess Rockstar has something similar in place. As for me, I haven't even installed the update yet. I heard a rumor that it interrupted single-player operation, and a couple posts said it wouldn't even load. So I'm gonna wait till I finish the game (doing the last mission now!) until I even attempt it. And even then, I might play through again, see if I can make a little more single-player money (knowing what I know now, could help me make better investments next time around!) So I feel like maybe I'm doing my part to help one other person get in...one person who's just screaming like a toddler to get in, like I've been seeing on GTAForums, one person who really needs it worse than I do. I'm just gonna go on there to free-roam anyway, if it lets me -- at first anyway. Oh yeah, if ya want, friend me on PSN: LaurieX - maybe someday I'll get around to joining a crew, if I can find one with adults. Almost forgot, the reason I started this reply, I wanted to share something I found on GTAForums, entitled "An Analogy for the Complainers", that summed up what we've been saying perfectly:
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