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How do you get to 100% in Grand Theft Auto 5?


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Don't worry if you're way down in percentage, I'm probably behind you though I feel I've been everywhere on GTA V's large map now, more then once! hahaha


I looked at the new GUI display for the specs of the game, some of these open as you play, just as a note, going to movies or recreation and hobbies opens with the main story missions, but for getting an idea about these that the game keeps hidden for unlocking by the user, in essence, I would then refer to something like the Brady Games' Guide that should detail what items it's addressing, since the game does give you numbers, for instance, what would Unique Jumps Completed fall under? Just looking in the menu doesn't really help with this, and I find that a challenge in this regard.


By the way, speaking of Rampages, that's more a blast from the GTA past, what classifies as a Rampage in GTA V? I'm also playing very slowly and enjoying the game, but I think things like that are removed in going for a more realistic and gritty game with GTA as a whole, some are apposed to this and want a balance struck between going the Saints Row Volition route, or too much reality GTA Sims style.

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